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    What no one tells you about becoming a Mother.

    Being a mom is a lot of things.

    It’s seeing your child for the first time and being blown away by how much you could possibly love such a small bundle of joy.

    It’s long days and long nights trying to figure out how to put that baby to sleep.

    Being a mom is letting go of that tiny finger while she takes her first steps.

    It’s washing her face covered in yogurt and helping her grasp a spoon.

    It’s laughing at her Santa beard made out of bubbles in the bath tub.

    It’s playing tea party for the fifth time, and reading Goodnight Moon just one more time.

    It’s being lonely when all your old friends go out on a Friday night and you don’t have a sitter.

    It’s feeling worried that you’ll have to choose between your job and your child.

    It’s the knot in your belly as you take your sick child to the emergency room the first time.

    It’s “Daddy, spin me around again and again”.

    It’s hiding your broken heart when your child doesn’t make the team she she really, really wanted to.

    It’s sleeping in the bathroom because the stomach bug infected everyone.

    It’s rushing home to make dinner and staying up past bedtime to finish the dishes.

    It’s staying strong when you want to cry. Or sometimes… it’s crying when you want to stay strong.

    It’s getting up in the morning when you really want to sleep in.

    It’s picking up mismatched socks, hundreds of lego’s, and thousands of Goldfish.

    It’s packing a lunch with a note that says “I love you, Kid”.

    It’s letting them go to their first sleepover and anxiously watching your phone for a text.

    It’s arguing and making up.

    It’s apologizing countless times.

    And forgiving as much.

    It’s smiling as they drive away in their first car.

    And wishing they’d just come home soon.

    It’s showing up to their game and waving from afar.

    It’s hugging them even when they tell you it is embarrassing.

    It’s listening to them when you want to talk.

    And biting your tongue when you want to yell.

    It’s allowing the space to happen, when all you want to do is cuddle with them in bed.

    And letting them cry alone when they say they need alone time.

    But being there when they are ready for a hug.

    It’s realizing that My Little Pony and Princesses are far behind.

    And that’s OK.

    Because she is still your little girl.

    It’s taking them to their first college dorm or apartment room.

    And setting up a microwave.

    And a bedside table.


    Putting a note on their bedside before you go that says, “I love you, Kid.”

    And letting go…

    And being strong…

    Until you let the floodgates open on the drive home….

    And rejoicing in it all.

    And promoting a great adventure for her.

    Cheering her on.

    Being her greatest advocate.

    And counselor…

    And reminding her that God is with her ALWAYS….

    It’s hard.

    And beautiful.

    And terrifying.

    And delightful.

    Being a mom…

    What is being a Mom?

    If you are a Mom, you are incredible.

    To all the moms out there today who don’t know what it is to be a mom.

    It is LOVE.

    That’s it.

    And all.

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