Happy Halloween! What’s cuter than a kitten or a baby? A kitten baby!

Well, I got sucked in. I dressed my poor daughter up for her first official Halloween. What did we do? We just walked around on Saturday at a local festival. She was way confused, and just sat in her stroller like “Mom, can you get this outfit off me? And why are all these kids dressed like DJ Lance or cowboys?”. It was fun for us as new parents. I feel like Halloween is a little pointless for babies, it’s us parents that want to see our little babes in something ridiculous. 
I am really bad at Halloween. I always wait until the LAST minute to get a costume, then am really cheap so get something ugly, then feel gross on Halloween and cannot wait to get out of my costume. I have been to way to many bad Halloween parties, and then I can probably contribute several cavities to my trick or treating as a child. (I totally remember sneaking some candy out of my bag and hiding it my room, I know, hoarder). I don’t know why, but I also avoid handing out candy (I still have not bought any and it’s today). Oh man, I suck at this stuff. 
But, while I am bad at Halloween and don’t particularly love it, I thought I should start out my daughters life with a little fun. I really do think it can be a fun holiday if done right. While trick or treating kind of freaks me out in general, food from random people, getting dressed up can be fun, especially if you are a kid. Being silly is good for kids. 
So my little kitty got to crawl around and act like one. She was adorable.  
If you are getting all dressed up today, have fun, be silly, and act like a kid again. It’s good for us adults to loosen up and look a bit weird. 

Ron Swanson Birthday Party

Our house loves Parks and Recreation. What is more, we love Ron Swanson. My husband, Brian, has taken a liking for this character. Ron, after all, loves all things manly. Woodworking, whiskey, outgrown beards, bacon, and living off the land sum up some of Ron’s favorites.

I thought it would be fun to throw a Ron Swanson night for my husband, highlighting some of these manly events. I threw in some of my own fun favorites as well.

Mustaches, whiskey, a sailor jerry spiced rum cake (recipe coming soon- it comes from my mother in law and is a family secret!), flannel shirts, corn hole, and BBQ.

This cake was pretty delightful, and um-mm…. strong! 

Flannel party. 

My sis donning a mustache, appropriate 🙂

Whiskey sampling, duh. Lilly kept trying to get some. She is her fathers daughter. 

What a great night. And a fun way to celebrate the coming of age. 

Family photo- this might be the only time we will all be in flannel…

Cheers to my hubby and happy birthday! 

And, to sum up Ron’s snippet of wisdom:

Healthy Peanut Butter and Yogurt Dip!

Are you looking for something that can satisfy your sweet tooth and be healthy? Try this version of peanut butter fruit dip. It is made with only five ingredients- peanut butter, non-fat greek yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. It tastes delicious on apples or bananas, and I can literally spoon it out of the jar. Plus, I don’t feel horrible eating it as it is quite healthy to boot! I think this is a great dip for parties, picky kids who like peanut butter but won’t eat fruit, or for a post work-out snack with good protein in it. You can pretty easily make this using all organic ingredients, too.

Very easy to make. It only took 5 minutes. Here are the simple instructions. I used my Kitchen aid mixer, but I am sure hand mixing would produce the same results. Makes about 2.5 cups.

12 oz non-fat greek yogurt
1/2 jar peanut butter (about 8 oz)
2-3 tbsp honey (depending on taste)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

I started by adding the greek yogurt to the mixing bowl. I then added the peanut butter, mixing slowly until well blended. Then I slowly added the honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to my desired taste. I like things sweet, so back off and taste as you go until you get the desired combination you like. Keep refrigerated.

*I used chunky peanut butter and love how it turned out. For a smoother texture, use creamy peanut butter.