A little fall hiking

A few weeks ago we took a little fall hiking trip in Breckenridge. It was COLD. 
But we decided to strap our little gal into her new Kelty and do some trekking around. 
Lilly was a trooper. There was some tough parts, I got a little nervous. Thankfully she has a pretty tough Dad who wants her to be a little adventurer. 
We saw a whole bunch of sheep- but I labeled them goats haha! I was afraid they might come and try to attack us. 
Lillian bundled up in her Kelty. She was pretty unsure about the whole thing but eventually fell asleep. I don’t get this child sometimes. 
Family photo… some snow in the background. That night we got pounded with snow so good thing we got a hike in! 

Until next time,

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