Ron Swanson Birthday Party

Our house loves Parks and Recreation. What is more, we love Ron Swanson. My husband, Brian, has taken a liking for this character. Ron, after all, loves all things manly. Woodworking, whiskey, outgrown beards, bacon, and living off the land sum up some of Ron’s favorites.

I thought it would be fun to throw a Ron Swanson night for my husband, highlighting some of these manly events. I threw in some of my own fun favorites as well.

Mustaches, whiskey, a sailor jerry spiced rum cake (recipe coming soon- it comes from my mother in law and is a family secret!), flannel shirts, corn hole, and BBQ.

This cake was pretty delightful, and um-mm…. strong! 

Flannel party. 

My sis donning a mustache, appropriate 🙂

Whiskey sampling, duh. Lilly kept trying to get some. She is her fathers daughter. 

What a great night. And a fun way to celebrate the coming of age. 

Family photo- this might be the only time we will all be in flannel…

Cheers to my hubby and happy birthday! 

And, to sum up Ron’s snippet of wisdom:


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