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A collection of people I am thankful for!

Not many words needed. Just some photos of people I thank God for, and some fun memories I have! 
My sister Holly.  She is always honest with me, and one of the most loyal and sincere people I know. I have so much fun with her. I can always count on her. I adore my sister and respect her so much! 
My hubby Brian! He is such a hard worker, an amazing cook, makes me laugh, and is my best friend! 

Some incredibly beautiful women. My mother, sister Holly, and lil’ Sis Mckayla! Enjoying a beach vacation in 2011. 

Lillian was in there:). Thankful for my healthy pregnancy and sweet baby. Pregnancy is such a fun time. 
My wonderful, big, crazy Hispanic family. I love these people. Tata thanks for making us all! 

My momma. She is has a beautiful soul,  makes the best drinks I know, and is the life of the party. I think my little Lillian looks a lot like my mom. Mom, I love you! 
Cheers to my poppa. Big head and Papa Grande are my nick names for him. He is the kindest, most thoughtful, handy-man in the whole world. I love you Dad! 
My Step-Mom Cathy. She is such a wonderful addition to my family and a fabulous grandma and interior decorator. Thanks for all you do for us :). Love ya! 
My Nana. My nana is like my warm lovey as an adult. I go to her when things get really tough. She has experience, wisdom, and love that is unreal. 
My step-brothers. I love these guys. 🙂
My own little familia. My crazy hubby and daughter (who is going in for the whiskey). 
My best friend Jenee. We did show choir and cheer together in high school, we were Younglife leaders together in college, and she is still and always will be my favorite person to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with. 
My little rockstar of a sister Morgan. This gal rocks at math, making sandwiches (she works at Subway), and the drums. She is smart as heck, too. And goofy! Bonus! Morgan you are my heart! 
My other lil’ sis Mckayla. This tender-hearted bear of a teenager is a loyal friend, a lover of all animals, and a fashionista. I come to her for fashion advise. I love her to pieces. 
My fabulous in-laws. I am lucky that I married into such a loving and fun family. These people rock. Thanks to all of you for making my husband so amazing. 
Bill and Pam. So glad you guys live in Colorado now. Many memories to come 🙂

My Lilly-bee. She is my favorite little girl in the world. We have many adventures to make together! I can’t even say any more words or else I will gush…
My little bro Nick. Such a talented guy, with a big future to come! Nick I am so proud of you…
There are so many other people in my life I owe gratitude to and love that are not pictured here. Brian’s mom Lynda, my younglives’ leader friends, younglives’ girls, Denver girl friends (you know who you are!), my neighbors, our dinner party friends, aunts, uncles, cousins… gosh it goes on. Isn’t it amazing all the people who touch our lives day to day? 
I am thankful for each of you. Thank you for making my life wonderful and for being a part of it. I do not deserve you, but thank God for you! 
Happy Thanksgiving! I am logging off to watch a show with my hubs. Enjoy your fam and friends! 🙂
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