Cherished moments as a mom

Ripped magazines. Food mashed up on the floor. Missing socks. Goofy open mouthed kisses. Tickles. Rambling sentences that don’t make sense. Crazy, messy house. Story time. Chubby legs. Shy moments. Gazing at each other. Everything is a toy, and everything goes in the mouth. Bath time. Sleep sheep. Sleep noises. Night time rocking. Night time crying. Lack of sleep. Long walks. Doing everything with one arm. Cuddles. Tiny socks. Blankets. Lovey. Feeding her. Being there for her after shots. New discoveries. Quiet moments. Shrieking, squealing. Playtime. Special moments that pass in the blink of an eye.

These are the little things I will miss and look back on when my baby is all grown up. I already have a hard time remembering what she was like when we brought her home. So little, so needy. Now, she is ready for adventure. She is growing. She is learning. It is my job to remember the past but push her on to her future. First steps, first time in school, first heartache, first love, first job. To lead her towards becoming strong, significant, and to always be here to remind her that she is loved and has a place to come home to when she is lost. I want to hold on, but I also need to release. Embrace the moment and look forward to the future. Lighting the way for her to confidently enter this difficult world we live in. I already struggle with letting go and it has only just begun. May I be a mom who does what is best for my daughter no matter how hard it is for me.


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