The holidays are coming!

Two days ago we went to get some holiday pics of Lillian. Isn’t this one adorable? It is the only one we got access to. I had to find a reason to post it because I love it so much.

So, this dress is a hand me down from some of our friends. I think it is so cute, because there is no way she will let me dress her in something like that come a few years. So, yes, I will put my child in the silliest little outfits as long as I can, and for my own satisfaction. Look at that nerdy collar…

Have you ever taken your kid to a photo shoot? It is pretty hilarious. I actually brought a real pom-pom, like from high school, to cheer her and distract her while she was taking photos. Myself and the photographer were making the strangest noises to try and get her to laugh (he has a 7 month old himself). Fake sneezes, fart noises, shrieks, jazz hands, and that annoying lip rolling where spit flies out of your mouth.

He even mentioned that I was one of the most out there parents when it came to trying to make their kid smile. It was a compliment… I think???

Ok, we were a ridiculous site. But look what our hard work produced! So cute.

All this is a side note to say I am getting excited about the holidays. In fact, I am craving a peppermint mocha right now. Bring on the food.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


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