Christmas BABY Photos! Oh yes.

It was almost irresistible this year not to take tons of pictures of Lillian. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, there are just too many cute darn outfits to put babies in. We have way too many to ever hang up, but I cherish every one of these photos.

These were taken in front of my parents Christmas tree. First Christmas tree photos. Love them. 

These were taken at a portrait studio. I hate paying for photos at studios, but I’ve gotta say, these puppies are worth every penny. 
I hope you capture some sweet memories over the next few days. This is a lovely time of year to enjoy the presence of our loved ones and be still with them. Laugh, cuddle, tickle, and read books. I know it seems crazy to not stress with Christmas around the corner, but I am going to try to just enjoy this little darling I have been blessed with, and my husband and family. 
I am so thankful that I was able to capture these priceless little faces of my baby. These are my most favorite Christmas presents of this whole year! 


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    Those photos are just adorable!!! I have my kids’ first christmas photos framed and put them up every year as part of my christmas decorations! Been doing that for 12 years now!!!

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