Weekend Wrap Up

I love this time of year. It gets busy with time with friends and family. Everyone is taking their finals and completing semesters, getting time off work, and throwing holiday parties. 
It drives me nuts that I forgot to take pictures at our holiday parties! I swear any time I actually get ready and leave our house I forget to get a family picture. Oh well…
A snapshot of this week and some highlights. 
Butterscotch, chocolate chip, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookies. Mmm…

Gingerbread House Party! Met up with old friends and decorated these beauties. It was a blast, and my sweet friend baked and assembled these. Amazing, right? 

Our first gift came in the mail! So exciting, thanks Momma! 

Tired babies after a play date. I just love this picture. 

Love this site, and got a few moments to read some truth. 

Our finished gingerbread house. It was difficult to make this while holding Lilly as she wanted to grab EVERYTHING. Mission accomplished! 

Holiday party at our dear friends house. Food was fab, drinks were amazing. I ate way too much and had a blast. 
Have a great Sunday! 


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    Those cookies look soooooooooooo good!! 🙂 *drool* I just found out about SHE READS TRUTH last week on my phone, but didn’t really get to check it out. Now I will 😀

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    I always forget to take pictures too, but my Mother seems to make up for it. Luv the gingerbread houses and the tired babies…A new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop.

    Anne Marie

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    I really enjoy “she reads truth” too!! I like having it come to my inbox to help keep me accountable to get into the Word! By the way I just found your blog from the “almost Thursday” blog hop! I’m excited to be following along!!

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    Those are some beautiful photos. I did some baking and cooking this Christmas as well. Though this year was more of a relaxed kind of celebration. We have the same gift bag that came in the mail. Merry Christmas and Have A Wonderful New Year. Following you now via Friendly Friday Hop.

    Adin B

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