10 Month Old Babies Are So Cool

First off, I gotta put some pics up from breakfast this morning. We went to Snooze, one of the yummiest places to eat in Denver. Brian got Coffee and Donuts Pancakes, complete with creamed maple syrup. I got Sweet Potato Pancakes with Ginger Butter and Chopped Nuts. It was divine. MMMM….

Coffee and Donut Pancakes
Sweet Potato Pancakes

Aren’t they cute?

And coffee… of course. 
But, the real reason for my post today is to celebrate 10 amazing months with my baby. It has flown by. I wanted to be one of those parents that took a photo each month with the Number sticker, but forgot the first 9 months. I forgave myself and started at month 10. I even made my own “sticker”- thank heavens for editing software! 
10 months have flown by… 
I am grateful for you Lillian- all your smiles and giggles and cuddles- you are a doll! 


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