How to get a free breast pump covered by your health insurance

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Time to register for all that adorable, cuddly, fun stuff for baby. I remember scanning items for my registry when I was pregnant. I was super excited about almost everything, except for one big ticket item. A breast pump. There were several reasons I hated the idea of putting that puppy on my registry. 

#1. Once you use it you can not return it. 
#2. The good ones are like, $300 dollars! 
#3. This thing looked like it would induce pain- and I didn’t want to use it! 

Little did I know that if I was going to be serious about breastfeeding, I would need one of these. They come in handy for that day you wake up, ENGORGED, and in pain. I’ll never forget begging my husband to take me to Babies R Us so I could buy some pumping supplies to relieve that agony. 

In retrospect, I wish I could have told myself that breast pumps do not hurt and actually relieve swelling and pain, and are wonderful for making sure you have an ample supply of milk for little one. 

If you plan to go back to work or spend a couple hours away from baby, a powerful breast pump can make all the difference for successful breastfeeding. 

One of the biggest hurdles was the huge price tag associated with the pump and my little knowledge on what kind of pump I would need. The Medela pump I love comes with a price tag of $300. 

I have some of the best news ever for us who need a breast pump. 

I was in a breastfeeding class recently when I found out this nugget of wisdom that made me so happy I wanted to dance. 

The Affordable Care Act, which went into effect August 1 of 2012, requires insurance companies to cover breast pumps and lactation consultants- without deductibles or co-pays! You can get a hospital grade, electric breast pump for FREE through your health insurance! 

Every insurance company is different, so if you have health insurance start by calling your carrier and asking how you can obtain your free breast pump. Your baby must be between 0-12 months old in order to be able to receive your pump.

I simply called my carrier and they directed me to a medical supply company- who asked me a few questions such as my insurance information, age of baby, and address- a PRESTO!- I had a $300 pump mailed directly to my doorstep.

This is wonderful news for momma’s wanting to breast feed successfully without the worry of expensive accessories and feeding needs. I love that insurance companies are wanting to help women with preventative health care for their families. What a step in the right direction!

For more information on the Act, visit (click on this link).


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    What a great program! I am breastfeeding right now and know that it is the best thing for me and my baby. I have only tried the cheap hand pumps and success only happens if I am fully engorged. I would love a pump that does not require pain first.

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    I also have PCIP and was told that breast pumps were not covered. When I asked why they were exempt from this provision of the ACA they could not provide an answer. Did you receive an explanation as to why pumps aren’t covered?

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      Same problem here with PCIP. This is pretty crazy, right? Why should the gov’t insurance be exempt from the rules they enforce on private insurance companies?

      We should start writing letters!! Have you moms found any other holes in your maternity coverage from PCIP?

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      That is terrible! I can’t believe they won’t at least provide an explanation of your benefits. I wonder what loophole they are using to claim themselves as exempt from this act. Thanks for leaving comments, please let me know if you hear anything!

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