New Design!

I got a face lift! What do you think?

For months I tried to do design on my own. My husband could probably tell you how many times I asked him to “approve” my header. I think I drove him nuts. I drove myself nuts!

After a while, I consigned to the fact that I am just not a designer. I am a writer. I spend my time dreaming up topics to write about, not fabulous designs for my blog (I wish I had that talent!). I’m just not that girl. I have to ask for help on which fabrics to blend in my home decor and if my new boots match my top.

So, when I got this adorable email from Melissa of The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife on her blog design services my eyes lit up and my mind started churning. I was really hesitant to have someone take over and design my whole blog- it seemed like something I should be able to do! Even my husband asked me to just keep on giving it a shot. I looked at the other blogs she had designed and could not help wishing mine would look as cute as theirs. My eyes went gaga.

I got motivated. I saved up money from selling old stuff I didn’t need anymore and  I went for it.  Boy, am I sure GLAD I did! I could not be any more happy with what Melissa did for my blog this morning. It is like breathing in fresh air mountain air after being stuck in a car with teenagers for a few hours (sorry- I had to go there!). She was amazingly fast with my design, intuitive, a breeze to work with, and SO very SWEET. Plus, she is really affordable for the quality of work you are getting. I was blown away with her creativity and responsiveness. She is super talented. It was an investment worth making into my hobby that I so dearly love.

Now I can do what I love- blogging- without constantly scrutinizing my header or improperly formatted sidebars. Rather, I open my page and go- “YAY!!!” 🙂

I urge you to contact Melissa if you have the slightest inkling of curiosity- she won’t bite and she would be glad to answer questions you might have. She ROCKS!

Thank you Melissa and Not So Ordinary Custom Blogger Designs!


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