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Getting ready for the big day… First Birthday Party!

I feel like I have been a little MIA the past few days around here. I have been in lovely Phoenix, enjoying warmth and sun while my home back in Denver was covered with snow last week. I have been jogging in warm bliss, enjoying my family, and prepping for quite the event- Lillian’s First Birthday Party.

Well, truth be told, she will have one here and one when I get home, too. The one back home will be on her actually birthday, and will be cozy and intimate with a few family members and friends. Here we will have more of a family party. Her Gigi is pretty amazing with decorating birthday parties and the like. Here are some photos of the prep work going on….

Balloons hanging from the wall- marbles inside to keep them from popping up! 

Her birthday outfit:)

Flowers to decorate tables made by hand…

A cute centerpeice idea! 
The cake/ dessert/ party favor table! 
I am super excited to post pics of the party tomorrow when everything is all set up and done. I plan to do tutorials on the center peice and many of the other decorations done above. Such cute ideas and really inexpensive too. 
I hope to start posting a bit more here soon. I tend to get a little spacey when I am visiting family- I get all wrapped up in the moment and find it hard to get any blogging done! 

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  • Reply Sarah

    Awww! Make sure to take it all in!

    March 15, 2013 at 8:18 pm
  • Reply Karen Koblan

    Everything is looking great! Have a wonderful party!! I loved my daughter’s first birthday party, it was such a fun day. The best part was my husband and I holding her while we all sang Happy Birthday!

    March 16, 2013 at 1:25 am
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