The Perfect First Birthday Party!

My baby Lillian just celebrated her First Birthday with our family in Phoenix! It was a pretty awesome excuse to get adults together that haven’t seen each other in a while and enjoy some sangria and margaritas! 
Look how cute the poster boards were that my dad made for Lillian! He made about 6 of them and had them sprinkled around the tables. 
My Step-Mom is starting her own event decor business and did all of the decor and planning. She is amazingly talented at this stuff and did all of it by hand. 
I will be doing tutorials over the next few weeks of some of the ideas she had! And of course will let everyone know her site so that you can have her help you with your parties, too! 

We hung balloons from the ceiling. The way you get them to hang right is to stick a marble at the bottom of each one. They were simply tacked them up! 

The welcoming sign:). 

A cute table idea with sparkly lights behind pink tulle added a bit of princess-like fun! 

A fun decor idea is to fill a vase with sparkly filling then add a hand made paper flower! 

Cakes included orange, strawberry, chocolate and carrot bundt. MMM. 

I love carrot cake. 

Me and Lilly doing a little dancing. 

Of course, a tulle skirts completes any cake smashing time! 

The beginning of every woman’s love affair with chocolate! 

She definitely loved it! 

Feeding Momma a little bit. 

Love this pic. 

All done… getting tired… full of chocolate! 

Maybe the adults and kids stayed up to party- but birthday girl crashed pretty early! And she was ready to go for the next day in her St. Patty’s gear! 
Cannot believe it has almost been a year. Her real birthday is coming up next weekend. We will have a small, intimate party with some close family and keep it a little more simple… but of course have round 2 of cake smashing because it is just that fun. 🙂
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    Hey there. Happy Weekend. I believe I’m a newbie. Looks like your angel had a great birthday. and 3 cakes. Wow…. and always nice to crash after a big day. 😀

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