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Check out Blogs by Christian Women! Plus, a post on Refreshing Words

I had the privilege to connect with Jess, Mikaela, and Sam over at Blogs by Christian Women, a blog designed to connect women of Christian faith to share their lives, experiences, and empower other women in the blogging industry. They celebrate women of all blogger types; fashion, food, health, family…etc. Their blog aims to pull women of faith together to share stories and encouragement. 

If you have not had a chance to check them out, please do! I think something amazing is stewing over there, and I love the idea of a place for women to encourage one another- especially within the blogging community. They are looking for Christian women bloggers to connect with and to build a community. I love that. 

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to guest post for them. I would love for you to go over to there and read my post about refreshing words. I was inspired by the idea of our words being able to refresh one another’s souls from a bible verse I read in Philemon 1:6-7. I love the idea that our words can be used as medicine or as poison, and how important it truly is to consider what comes out of our mouths- especially as bloggers! Click here to view my post: Refreshing Words. Thanks to Mikaela, Jess and Sam for your brilliant idea to connect us women for something so great! 


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