On trying to staying fit with a toddler…

Hi Friends! I have decided to write a series about random things I feel like venting about. This is all in good-hearted fun, of course. Well, today my post is on staying fit with a toddler. It seemed appropriate because it has been one of the most hilarious and ridiculous things in the world to try and train for a half marathon right as Lillian turned one year old.

I think there is this misconception out there that stay at home moms have all this time in the world to be super in shape. Well, I might have a lot of time here at home, but most of that time is filled with doing things like changing poopy diapers, cleaning up the trail of drool and smashed snacks left behind, and checking constantly to make sure Lillian isn’t eating soap or something else hazardous. Even though I have baby-proofed my house, it is like she is an inspector looking for anything dangerous to put in her mouth! I swear she knows exactly what she is not allowed to touch. Now that she is walking I am craning my neck to get ready for the next fall. It is crazy in this house!

Back to training. I am in the peak time of my training, and my plan is now having me attempt to run 5-7 miles per day. Last night I took Lillian to gym daycare thinking that would help me just focus on working out. Half way through my run (which for once I was feeling great!)- I get tapped on my shoulder by the child care worker. “Code Brown”. Meaning, she went poop and since the gym cannot change diapers, I had to go downstairs and get her changed and ready to play again. Fifteen minutes later I run back upstairs to my treadmill and guess what?! Every treadmill is taken! So I wait another ten minutes to get back on one again. OK-a 25 minute detour will not stop me! Another ten minutes in, I get called again because fussy pants is not doing well in child care. I left feeling pretty discouraged. I didn’t even complete half of my run.

This morning I decided a run outside would be better and hopefully I could accomplish this easier with the jogging stroller. I got everything all ready- the diaper bag, snacks, music, water, pacifier- you know the whole darn set up. My goal for today was to run for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I had my route. I was ready.

Well, my route sucked. I always run it without a big stroller. It was full of mud and bumps, so poor Lillian was on a trail run. After feeling like I was pushing 100 pounds a few blocks, I got onto the sidewalk. My  neighborhood decided that sidewalks should be made for one teeny tiny person, so I was using all my strength to keep the stroller from falling off into the street. AND there were no ramps between streets- so I had to do that pick up the stroller thing and slowly set it down between each block. I wanted to cry- or hit someone. That is when I was 30 minutes away from my house and Lillian started to cry. I will tell you what. At this point I just laughed. What else could I do? I looked ridiculous hauling this giant stroller through mud and tiny sidewalks. I had to pee so bad I debated just going for it. I was averaging 12 minute miles between all the bumps and cross walks. So I checked to make sure she was OK, put on my ear buds, and blasted Thrift Shop- laughing all the way home.

Here is the deal. Staying in shape with a toddler in the house will never look like it did when I was pre-baby. I won’t have time to care if I am wearing cute Lululemon outfits to the gym. I look like a total wreck if I make it. Sometimes I even have mascara under my eyes. But I will try and get a dang workout in. Five minutes, ten minutes- whatever. It is not zen, it is not relaxing. It is like sneaking cookies in the middle of the night. I am constantly looking to see if a child care worker is coming to get me- trying to crank out one more rep. I have been called out of every relaxing class I have tried to take. There are times I am working out with Lillian in the same room. I have even used her as weight to try and do something- like squats!

This is the beauty of being a mom though. It is downright funny. It makes me less serious and more playful. I have to laugh or I will go crazy. It makes me spontaneous and able to roll with the punches. And I love that. I love that my baby pushes my boundaries and keeps me being used to change. Heck- she even unknowingly added 30 pounds of resistance to my run this morning! So, my goal is to just keep going. Keep trying to get in my run, hoping that one day I will cross that half marathon finish line and be able to look back at my non-conventional training plan and laugh (or weep) with joy that I DID IT even with a toddler! 🙂


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