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On Why I Blog

I have owned a journal since I was probably about five years old. My first journal had one of those nifty locks on it, and I got to hide a key in a secret spot.

I currently own over ten journals that have been written it over my lifetime. Some years I journaled less, some years more. Sometimes I flip through the pages and discover things that make me cringe, and other times I read something that makes me feel joy over the journey I have been on.

Writing is a source of great joy for me. If I can get my thoughts and ideas on paper, I feel energized and relieved. I have tried to pick up knitting, guitar, and other hobbies and nothing quite does it for me like writing.

Which is why I started a blog. I thought it would be a natural fit for writing.

However, along the way it has been so easy for me to get distracted. When I first started my blog, I felt small when I saw the lovely designs of other bloggers. Then I noticed so many other areas where my little blog seemed to fall short. I quickly got very excited about making my blog look pretty and started caring less about why I started blogging to begin with. I know that all this is truly important in making my blog readable and able to connect with others out there, but it started consuming much of my worries and time.

Here is the thing- blogging is extremely time consuming. As I recently reflected, writing an article for my blog definitely cuts into time I could be spending with my baby or my hubby. Sometimes I sacrifice downtime with family to write a post. So I want to make sure that my sacrifice is well worth it. And it has been, but not without many “heart checks”.

Even my husband has challenged me in my blogging- reminding me that great writers stay true to their passion. He helps keep me in check with what really matters most- content that is honest and desiring to help others in their journey.

Lately I have been really pondering the areas I love to write about. I read a wonderful post by Ally at You Are More about how she is trying to stay true to her blogging by writing her own personal mission statement. I loved that. She was inspired by Emily at Newlywed Moments who personally commits to pray for her readers. This is amazing stuff. What we write in the blogging community truly can be meaningful and encouraging.

I suppose it is easy for me to get distracted by all the “fluff” in the blogging world. When push comes to shove, I want to blog about things that are really meaningful- the hard stuff, the good stuff; and encouraging one another as women to push onward in our relationship with God and trust that He is enough to meet our needs- and have fun while doing it! Of course there is still goodness is posting reviews, ideas for home renovations, or recipes. I am just saying there is plenty of effort done in the media to make me feel inadequate to need more things and enough pins on Pinterest to keep me busy for years (not that I don’t love perusing here and there!), and I love connecting with others out there that can have fun and depth. What I truly value are the connections I make between real women who are sharing their faith and lives with me and being authentic while doing it. That is crazy, awesome, stuff right there. Thanks to all of you who keep it real and keep me in line by sharing your stories and reasons why you blog. I appreciate you and your courage more than you know!


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  • Reply Chloe West

    I really like this! It’s important to remember why we started blogging in the first place and not get all caught up in some of the other things that come with the blogging community. 🙂 Really inspirational!

    April 5, 2013 at 8:03 pm
  • Reply Kristen Jamie

    Hi new followers here & loving your blog! All linked up 🙂 Thanks for hosting the party 🙂 Would love for you to join our First Friday Blog Hop @!

    Happy Friday 🙂

    April 6, 2013 at 1:29 am
  • Reply Alessandra Ferguson

    Great post girl! I am really excited to follow along with you as you share what’s on your heart too!

    April 6, 2013 at 2:15 am
  • Reply Lisa

    It is good to remember why we blog and what we should blog about. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop!

    April 6, 2013 at 2:20 am
  • Reply Whitney

    Blogging is the best! I love to read back on it to when my 3 year old was a baby… so sweet 🙂


    April 6, 2013 at 3:11 am
  • Reply Laura (LouLou)

    Really great post, I actually made a post recently on my blog about how I felt like I had held back and just blogged cause I liked to write, but didn’t show myself or who I was on the blog. I was being shy in a way.

    Definatly checking out the other posts made on this and thinking I need a mission statment also.

    (New follower)

    BookofLouLou: Jesus and Gypsy Soul

    April 6, 2013 at 4:02 pm
  • Reply FRANCISCO Dake

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