Starting a blog as a new mom- some tips for new moms who want to blog. [Blogging Tips]

I decided to write a post about balancing motherhood and blogging, because I am sure there are a lot of new moms out there starting a blog for the first time. I remember not long ago being in the same boat!

When Lillian was a newborn, I started my first blog. I have been blogging now about one year. I have had FOUR different blogs, and it has taken me a long time and many hours finding my “way”. I still have so much to learn and every day get excited about all the possibilities. The world of blogging is really fun, challenging, inspiring, and fulfilling.

When I first started, I was amazed with all the information on the web and amazing bloggers out there. I felt like I had discovered a jackpot. Free recipes? Check. Amazing tutorials? Check. Where had blogs been all my life?

If you are a new blogger, I wanted to write some tips I have found along my way to help you out.

  • Decide why you are blogging, and stick to it. 
    • Are you blogging because you love to write? Do you want to chronicle your babies journey? Do you want to write about food? Deciding what kind of blog and content you want is crucial to helping you stay focused and write good content. It took me a long time to decide what I really wanted to blog about. 
  • Who do you want your audience to be?
    • Do you hope to make income off of your blog, or would you like it private and for friends and family? Deciding you your audience will be helps you with how you will write your content and knowing who will be reading it. This will also help you decide if you want to include advertisement options, etc. 
  • How much time do you want to commit to blogging? 
    • At first, I felt all this pressure to make my blog complete overnight. I wish I had not worried so much about it, and enjoyed the process more. If you want to spend four hours a week blogging, make sure to carve out that time for yourself. I will be honest in saying it can suck up tons of time. 
  • Make a 90 day plan.
    • This comes from my experience in marketing. Making a 90 day plan is easy, simple, and super effective. Start by writing out your top five goals. Do you want your blog to look nicer? Would you like to reach out to other bloggers for help? Do you want more followers? Once you have your top five goals, then map out a plan of what kind of content you want to write about. Be as specific as possible. This will give you a nice plan and list to glance at when inspiration is feeling low. 
  • Reach out to other bloggers.
    • Read other blogs, comment on blogs you enjoy, and connect with other bloggers by email! Early on, I reached out to a blogger I respect a ton, and she emailed me advice- on her own time! It was chock full of wisdom, and I was so grateful to her for reaching out and doing that for me. Every blogger had to start from ground zero, and many are willing to reach out and lend you a hand or answer a question. I definitely am! I am grateful for those who have helped me and love helping in return. Building a network of blogger friends is one of the most important tools to help you grow your blog. 
  • Give it time. 
    • Growing your blog will not happen overnight. Especially if you are a new mom. Your #1 priority is your baby, and be ok with that! Some bloggers grow tremendously over a few months, others take years to grow. Let me share a secret with you: there is no easy shortcut to blogging. Not if you want a quality blog. Blogs that have quality content and a large audience are that way for a reason- the blogger puts lots of time and effort into his or her blog! Of course there are schemes to grow fast, but your readers won’t really engage with you. Treat your blog like a garden- make sure the soil is rich and you’ve tended well to it, plant your seeds, and slowly you will see the beauty unfold! 
  • Be yourself- do not compare yourself to others. 
    • This one was so hard for me. For a long time I was afraid to show my true colors. It is difficult to talk about faith on the internet- where everyone can read about it. It might be hard to give an opinion about parenting. Yet, it is a good thing for us to be real, authentic, and share our perspectives  It is healthy to have different opinions. That is what makes conversations interesting. Remembering this helps me to stay honest about what I blog about and true to myself. Try hard not to compare yourself to others. Your blog is unique, one of a kind, and you have a story to tell. Embrace that and hold dear to it. Being personal and real attracts people to your blog for the long run. 
  • Have fun! 
    • Enjoy the process! Try not to stress too much. If you miss a day or two- or a week- give yourself some grace. Having a new baby is difficult enough. 
  • Some last tips for new moms started to blog:
    • Keep a journal and a pen nearby (or your I-phone notepad) to jot down ideas for posts, recipes, etc. 
    • Try to blog when baby is napping or has gone to sleep. IF you feel like it;). 
    • Try an organizational program like Evernote to keep track of bloggers you meet, sponsorships, and other blogging ideas. Plus, its free! 
    • I have loved using Blogger as my platform. It is rather easy to use. If you have questions, email me. 
    • There are many free photo editing programs. I personally love Picmonkey
    • Use the internet to search for help. There are so many amazing tutorials out there on pretty much any question you might have. 
    • Follow blogs you like. I personally love Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect to keep track of blogs I love. I used to bookmark them, but that got frustrating to go back and try to find the blogs I like. 
Lastly, like I have said- if you have any questions please email me! I love helping out other bloggers. Anyone else have any tips to add? 🙂 

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    YESSSS! When I saw the title of this post I was so excited! I have been LOVING this journey of being a newbie blogger, and have been really excited meeting all these new friends and meeting new readers. I have been wondering how it’s all going to work when the baby comes along and how to balance it all. This was a great post to encourage me that I can still keep up with it, but baby will be number one. And you just had great advice! Thanks you so much!

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    I love all of what you shared here. I think you have to keep asking if you are balancing your time and keeping your priorities straight whenever you take on a new endeavor, and blogging can be all consuming if not managed for sure! Good tips girl!!!

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