Thyme and Oregano Roasted Potatoes [Recipe]

The other night I was invited to a last minute dinner. I had one hour to a) get dressed, b) get Lilly dressed, changed, and fed, c) make a side dish.

I did not have time to run to the grocery store! So I racked my brain- what do I have in my pantry that I could make- fast?


We always have a few staple items in our pantry- rice, beans, potatoes, whole wheat flour (for home made breads and tortillas). Many occasions these staples have saved us in an emergency- last minute brunches or snow days.

So, using my creativity to make something better than boring plain potatoes, I found some fresh Thyme leaves and went to town. I meant to add a dash of oregano to the potatoes and accidentally SPILLED a giant amount on them. I was so nervous to taste the finished product- but they tasted GREAT! I was thrilled. I grabbed a square Tupperware, tossed them in, and added a fresh sprig of Thyme on top. I covered with a cute patterned napkin and stuck in an earthy bamboo serving spoon. Perfect. I was so happy with my fast creation. 45 minutes later I was out the door with Lilly and a home made side dish that looked like I had planned it. If they only knew;)…

Thyme and Oregano Roasted Potatoes
8 Golden Potatoes
Olive Oil
5 sprigs fresh Thyme chopped
1 Tablespoon Oregano

Pre-heat oven to 350. Dice potatoes into thick chunks. Put into a large mixing bowl. Pour olive oil over potatoes rather generously, allowing potatoes to be glazed when tossing. Toss potatoes well, ensuring they are glazed evenly with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to two baking sheets, spreading even across sheet so all potatoes will get cooked evenly. Bake at 350 for approximately one hour, stirring potatoes half way to get both sides brown. Potatoes should be golden brown and soft in the middle.

Hope you enjoy!

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