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10 Cheap Date Ideas

I love coming up with fun, cheap dates. While it has been a while since Brian and I have gotten to go on a date (two since we had Lillian- oh my!)- I suppose I wrote this post because I am itching to get out with him again. Is it sad I am day dreaming about fun date ideas? I guess summer is getting to me- I just want to be in flowy dresses with cute sandals and a fun drink in my hand and some good reggaeton playing in the background. How about you? Feeling like me? Any fun ideas you can share? 

Top ten cheap dates:

1. Picnic at a brewery
Most breweries do not sell food (at least the ones where we live don’t!). See if there is one in your city that allows you to bring in your own food. If so, bring in some pizza or sandwiches from home and enjoy along with some good beer! Some of my fave nights have been doing this. Bring along a board game or to, also!

2. Hiking then frozen yogurt
One of my favorite dates ever was a good, hot, long hike in the summer with Brian. On our way home we were SO thirsty and hungry. We stopped at a frozen yogurt place and I will tell you what- to this day that was the best frozen yogurt I have ever had! The date was fun, memorable, and super inexpensive!

3. Make dinner together
Classic date night. Light some candles, throw on some music, and cook dinner. This is a great way to see how you work together. One of my favorite meals to cook with Brian is Italian (maybe it is the wine you can add to the sauce…?).

4. Mimosas and movie
Switch up the normal date night and opt for a fun brunch date. Find a good movie, get comfortable, and graze on fruit and bagels while sipping mimosas. Lazy and lovely start to a day!

5. Sunset and star gazing
Is there anything more romantic than being under the stars with the one you love? Find a great spot in your city with a gorgeous view of the sunset or stars. Bring along some cheese, wine, and bread and just enjoy the view;).

6. BBQ and swimming
Summer is upon us! Take your love to a lake or river (or pool too, I guess) and bring along some BBQ. Nothing says summer like bathing suites and barbecue sauce. MMM.

7. Bike ride to a farmers market
Do you have a farmers market near by? I bet you do. Not only are they fun to peruse (fresh flowers, produce, art- need I go on?!), they also have amazing food trucks, are typically located in lovely spaces in your town, and sometimes even have live entertainment!

8. Share favorites night- book, music, movie
This is the best, especially if you are early on in your relationship. Each person picks their favorite movie that the other hasn’t seen, then you do a movie night swap. The same can apply to music (listen to each others fave songs!) or books. With the books you would obviously need to read each others ahead of time, make notes, then chat it up! This is a fun way to understand and get to know your date!

9. House projects/ grocery shopping
This might sound silly, but a fun date can be doing something mundane! Do you have a house project that has been on hold for a while? A piece of furniture you want to refinish? Do it together! Completing a project and working as a team can make for an amazing date.

10. Double date dinner party
Last but not least, a double date dinner party can be a surprisingly fun date idea. Hanging with another fun couple can be a great way to get laughter flowing. Plan it out ahead of time- hit up a great bar or restaurant together or cook at home, then play games or just have a good conversation. This works best with a couple you know well and feel super comfortable with.

Have any more to share? Please do!

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  • Reply amy mayen

    Me & hubby had the best “date” the other day…rode bikes to the park then laid a blanket under a tree & watched our kiddo play. Cheap dates are great!

    May 14, 2013 at 1:59 am
  • Reply Samantha Elizabeth

    These are awesome ideas! Thanks so much for sharing:)


    May 14, 2013 at 2:10 pm
  • Reply Another Clean Slate

    Can always use cheap date ideas- and love breweries 🙂

    May 14, 2013 at 3:38 pm
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