DIY Wreath

I love wreaths. They remind me of holidays and spring. I decided to update my old wreath with some fun new fabric and flower.

Don’t hate on me because I picked a burlap ribbon with chevron pattern. It was so cute I couldn’t resist. I picked an adorable tan fabric flower to go along with it.

The total project cost me under $10. I bought the wreath at Goodwill for $2, the ribbon for $4.99 (and have extra!), and the flower for $2.

My favorite part of this project is you don’t need any hot glue or need to sew. Simply cut a tiny hole into the burlap with scissors and take string to tie the ribbon in a tight knot to the wreath. Then wrap around that area, covering where you tied the string. Next, wrap ribbon around wreath, making sure there is a few inches between wraps (you can also wrap the entire wreath, that is cute too!). Once you finish wrapping, make another hole with scissors into the ribbon and secure once again with string to wreath by making a tight knot. I let a little ribbon hang in the front and cut it a little past wreath, letting it hang nicely. Lastly, take the stem of the flower and tuck into the wreath and tie it to the wreath in a tight knot using a bit more string.

That is it! I love my new wreath and it is hanging in my dining room.


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    This is SOOO cute!! I adore making wreaths and have been coming up with excuses to make them. But mine follow a similar pattern so this is great – I’d love to make one and I hope I find that same ribbon – so cute!!!

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    New BLOGLOVIN follower here from your Blog Hop! I do mesh wreaths, haven’t felt confident to do any other kinds!! But I have found lots I’ve wanted to try! Adding this one to my list!

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