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Making SMART Goals by Heather from Honee Bee [Guest Post]

I am extremely excited to have Heather from Honee Bee guest post. What a treat. She has some inspirational tips to share with us all. Look how freakin’ cute she is. Thanks Heather for sharing some widsom with us all. Hope you all can hop on over to the Honee Bee and check her out!


Hello everyone! I am Heather, a twenty-something year old girl who writes over at Honee Bee, a lifestyle blog about who blogs about cooking,being fit, fashion, and other random musings.  I am over here at The Dwelling Tree today. And today I will be writing about resolutions/goal setting. 

So- there is a straight divide between people who do or do not make resolutions. For the most part people those people who do make those resolutions, don’t actually keep them. Since we are half way through the year (well, almost), I thought I would start by encouraging people to think of their goals they set in the beginning of the year.

Wanted to run a half marathon this year?
Lose a few pounds?
Read more?

We tend to get stuck in habitual ways, that we forget to incoporate this desired behavior. We always try… and then have to re-try again. But, you don’t have to keep re-trying if you make SMART goals!

and I think that is what most people can say, people get stuck and get bored with their resolutions and they re-make the same resolutions year after year.

For example.

Everyone in the world wants to lose a couple pounds right?  So every year the gym floods with new memberships in January. Everyone has this great idea that this is the year that they are going to loose weight so they go to the gym five times a week and then by mid February that person is back on the couch, and is so burnt out from that gym that they are at square one. 

This is not the way to change! For change to be effective you have to come up and formulate a better plan. The more specific you make your goals the more likely you are to succeed. 

 For me, last year was different. After realizing that I was never making permanent changes through my resolutions I decided I needed to be more specific. So I went with  “smart” goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound). By following the smart format I was actually able to keep my goals I had established. 

I ran two half marathons
I ate better
I read more

…and honestly am so amazed at my results! When I decided to stop calling them resolutions and made them specific goals I was motivated by all of the guidelines I set up and was able not to give up on the resolution completely. I made it realistic. And this goal setting principle began to carry over in every aspect of my life. 

 I make goals in every aspect of my life, I have educational goals, relationship goals, and health goals.  I think these goals help place emphasis on the things that have value in my life. I don’t know how they became to dominate my life, but they kinda do in a good way. They motivate me, and I accomplish so much more than I would have thought. It sounds silly but this goal setting stuff really works. By making SMART goals I was able to complete my first half marathon (and ended up doing two last year!), actually exercised the entire year (by establishing that I would work out 3x/week) and fulfilled my goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

So with that, what SMART goals are you going to make?! come over and visit me at honee bee!

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