Shenanigans…lots of coffee, loads of cooking, and a little crazy


1. Baby walking in Boulder after a morning Chautauqua hike.
2. Ozo Coffee. (so happy they made the heart shape)
3. Food after hike. Lillian was digging it. 
4. Homemade kale soup I made. It was actually good… especially since I usually hate kale.
4. I don’t know why I put this pic in here. 
5. Ah. I love you iced americano. 
Why  hello there. 
I have been feeling exhausted/ frustrated/ lazy lately. Maybe a part of it is due to the fact that my house is half unpacked from our big move, my email folder needs some major organizing, I am running a half marathon in a week and I’m freaking out man… oh yea and my baby is getting in her canine teeth so she is a big mess herself. 
So, what did I do this weekend? Well, I definitely tapped into my procrastination tendencies. What else better to do when you have boxes to unpack then decide to BAKE four different kinds of desserts, and for the first time ever attempt to make my own almond flour?! When I am stressed, I cook, drink coffee, and shop. These are not good combos, but it happens. Fortunately, I coped with a trip to Goodwill where I happily spent $10 (and got some delightful items). As for the desserts, I think a part of it is due to the fact we went all Paleo last week. I am doing it for Brian. I love carbs. But I also know carbs don’t love me, and I am trusting him that at some point I will like this whole Paleo thing. So I desperately searched online for “Paleo Desserts”, and came across Elena’s Pantry and Real Sustenance. ADDICTED. Who knew these desserts could taste so good? So, while I know going all crazy on healthy desserts still isn’t a good idea, at least I have found some relief.
But I did get to go hiking with three amazing friends, overload on horrible food after, and walk the streets of crazy town Boulder, CO with coffee in hand. I cannot think of a better way to spend a morning.  
Lastly, my poor daughter is a mess. She is teething and drooling all over herself like a mad woman. She is a mix of cranky-slap-happy-goof. She has a horrible cold from the teething. I cannot keep up with her. But I am glad I can’t, because she is keeping me on my toes for sure. 
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