Skip your morning latte tomorrow and spend that $5 changing someone’s life!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that tomorrow morning I am running a half marathon. I am not a runner. In fact, I have always avoided running. The reason I am running is for a girl name Nadine (name has been changed for privacy).

I have been a volunteer leader for an organization called Younglife for almost 8 years, and recently started volunteering for YoungLives. This organization meets with teen moms to share with them how much Jesus loves them. We eat dinner together bi-weekly, hang out, and talk about real issues as well as laugh and enjoy time together. These girls have changed my life- and my heart.

Nadine is a teen mom, still currently attending high school. She has a beautiful daughter, just a baby, about 6 months old. She is trying to juggle high school and being a mom- all in her teen years! She currently lives with her boyfriend because her home life is filled with drug addictions and verbal abuse. She started attending YoungLives months ago and is beginning to see there is still hope for her life and the ability to raise her daughter in that hope as well.

I am running for Nadine. I am running so that in two months Nadine can go to a beautiful summer camp along with hundreds of other teen mothers and babies to experience to most fulfilling week of their lives. I am running so that Nadine can experience a week being a teenager- horseback riding, hiking, ropes courses, and having fun with other girls her age. I am running so that Nadine can (for the first time in her life) sit around a dinner table and eat a meal. I am running so that Nadine can have a week of joy for her and her daughter, being loved and rejoiced over how truly beautiful they are inside and out. I am running for Nadine so her daughter can safely play with volunteer child care volunteers while Nadine talks about tough life issues with leaders who love her. I am running so Nadine can hear the message of what Jesus did for her. Many of these girls have never left the city, let alone spent more than 15 minutes in nature. This is the experience of a LIFETIME for them.

I never thought I would promote this on my blog, yet decided to step out in faith because there might be one or two people who are looking for a great place to donate some money to. I have also been overwhelmed by the amount of goodness that can happen online and the amazing people I have met in the blogging community. I decided this is as good place as any to promote this cause.  Finally, I am remembering this is not about me, but about Nadine. If you have $5 to spare for something that will change a sweet teen mom and her child’s life, consider giving them the gift of hope. I run tomorrow morning at 7am.

Simply visit the following site, click on my name and picture (Tiffany Cutcliff), and you can give to her there. You can read more about Younglife on my Causes page. All donations are tax-deductible. Thanks for the moments you took to read this! P.S. Shoot me a message if you do so that I can keep you posted on Nadine and the race! 🙂

Here is the link! Donate Here


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