I heart Denver. I heart food truck parties.

I love Denver and I love food. So what better thing to do but go downtown on a sunny afternoon and surround myself with food trucks?

I had Jamaican Jerk Sliders and sweet potato fries and sat near a giant shade tree overlooking downtown and the lovely gardens planted by the city.




These people were way too happy. 
I loved the view of the capitol and the inner city square foot gardening. 



My daughter, looking cool. 


  I don’t care how trendy it is. Whoever Made the food truck phenomenon popular is a genius.


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    I LOVE food trucks! They are so yummy because you can get one type of food that’s made very well. Your daughter is adorable and I that food looks good!

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    That looks delish! Around these parts, food trucks are where you go if you want food poisoning! haha! Life of a small town! I wish we had food trucks that had product like that…made my mouth water!

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