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Preparing for Parenthood [Series]

One of the most interesting parts of being a Mom is having compassion for the first time in your life for your own Mom and Dad. It’s like all at once it hits you. My mind floods with moments in my teenage and young adult years where I did terrible things and said awful, icky stuff to them.

Being a parent is not easy. You don’t get a standard tutorial on how to raise a kid. Every kid has his or her own unique personalities. Us parents have the joy of figuring out how to help guide our kids into an adult life where they are capable, loving, healthy people. That is a giant responsibility.

All parents make mistakes, too. There is no perfect parent out there.

I am scared to death of waiting until it is too late to discipline my child. I would much rather put in some hard work in the next few years than wait until my little one is sixteen and behind the wheel of a vehicle or with her first boyfriend to start guiding her in making good decisions.

I have this precious, beautiful child who will be looking to me and my husband for values, love, help with decision making, and boundaries. I want to prepare well so I have a solid foundation from which to help guide my child into life. See- I do not believe my job is to protect my child from the world but rather prepare her for it. Life is hard. I want to help her learn how to cope with life, make her own decisions, and move into life. As much as I want to shelter her, protect her, do things for her- this is unhealthy and doesn’t prep her for the real world. My job as a parent is to lovingly and gently release her one step at a time into the world. Is that scary? Oh heck yes. And so hard. But it is the best thing I can do for her.

We spend so much time studying in college for our jobs. Before we cook a meal, we read a recipe. People who love hobbies like fly fishing might pick up a book to better understand the sport. We practice guitar or train to run a race so we can be get better. What about studying and practicing parenting? How important is it to invest time and energy into thoughts and questions about raising our kids? My hunch is that it is mightily important.

So, since we are all busy, I will be taking some time to go over key points I am reading about discipline and parenting from resources and books I am studying. I would love to start some good conversation about this topic. Please comment and add your ideas! Us mothers need one another for encouragement, ideas, and support. If you have a book you love, concept that is tried and true, or bible verse that has shaped your parenting please let us know.

Excited for this series and what it will teach me!

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