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Summer Vacation/Road Trip Packing and Game

Lacy Meeker blogs over at Chosen
I am excited to have my friend Lacy Meeker share a post with us today on packing for summer road trips! She is the sweetest and I have loved getting to know her. She blogs at Chosen. Please visit her! Take it away, Lacy! 

Raise your hand if you are one of those super cute awesome bloggy mommies that has everything together, your children are perfect and your house is always a perfectly organized and in its place?

Okay, that wasn’t a fair question.  I know some of you out there are that mom, and I envy you. However, I am not a mom yet so I don’t even qualify to answer the question. I would also venture to say that most of us don’t have the perfectly organized home. I would go even further to say that we don’t have much organization outside of our homes, such as on road trips, and vacation. I could be wrong. I guess I assume that because I have to work to be an organized person. I am far from it, although I am trying. Lately I have seen many posts on Pinterest about taking your kids on trips and vacation activities for the road. Also I have seen lots of posts asking what to pack for summer trips. We go on lots of road trips. Our latest was a two days there and two days back road trip to Canada and we leave this Sunday for New Orleans. We usually have a set list of games to play, but once you play them with the same people for so many trips they get old.

Olivia and I have been discussing our packing habits lately. How we need to get more organized, etc. I am an over-packer. Rather, I used to be. I have learned that I usually don’t use or wear half of what I pack I just always want to be prepared. With my wonderful boyfriend heading up most of these trips, I usually get a bag limit. So, one smaller (if possible –which really means it better be possible) bag and a carry on is usually what we get.

The combination of these things has led me to this post. I figured why not give it a try to have an organized list of road trip and vacation games and a list of must pack items for the summer that you could leave for a week with just a duffle or carry on sized bag. I have compiled all lists of our favorites voted on by the coolest college students and kids in Texas.  For this post I am going to do a packing list and suggested list. Stay tuned for the next Summer Vacation and Road Trip Games lists.

Summer Vacation/Road Trip Packing List (1 week)
6 Pair of undies (You’ll be wearing day 1)
3 bras (unless you wear a different one every day which I’ll admit I don’t every other day I switch, call me gross! I know.)
3 T-shirts
2 pair of nice shorts
2 pair of leggings
2 pair of jeans
5 nice shirts
Bathing suit
Tennis shoes
Dress shoes (open toed flats for the summer are best)
Little black dress
Swimsuit cover up
Cardigan (that will go with everything you pack)
Sweat shirt, Sweater, or hoodie
Sun tan lotion
2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner (at Wal*Mart and Target they have a 3 in 1 that is body wash as well)
Make up bag
Hair products (less is better)
Small clippie and pony tail holders
I always bring a headband but that depends on your style.
Flashlight and Swiss army knife (unless you are flying)
Umbrella or a hat (in case of rain)
Toothbrush and paste
Face wash

It seems like a long list, but really it’s not. Pack all toiletries together in a zip-lock or a toiletries bag if you have it.

Roll your clothes do NOT fold them.

We also are now putting our clothes in big zip lock bags because it’s easier to manage once you get to where you’re going and it helps in case of damage or rain (we put our luggage on top of the van to Canada last week and mine got wet because of the rain).

Don’t forget your pillow and a book (those are must haves for me).

Proverbs 31:26 says, “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” When I think of who Lacy is my first thoughts are not her one of a kind fashion sense, how beautiful she is, or how she walks around singing non stop. I think of how when I am struggling she speaks and the love of Jesus pours from her lips. I think of how when she is happy she sings praises to our King! She opens her arms to the poor, and extends her hands to the needy. When I think of who Lacy is I think of Proverbs 31, and I know that Lacy lives to glorify the Lord in all that she does. That is who Lacy is. 

By: Mycah Bone @mycahhh
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