Blogging- worth the time and investment?

This morning I sat back and reflected on what drew me to blogging after I had Lillian. 

In part, I think much of it had to do with identity crisis. I had decided to stay at home with Lillian, and I wonder if deep down I was freaking out. The last time I could remember being off work for more than two weeks or so was summer vacation in high school before I got my first job. 
I guess I knew deep down that staying home with Lillian would be a worthy and full-time job, but I was also nervous about losing my identity and having something each day I could look back on and say “I did that”.
I think blogging helped me cope. I had something other than my child to worry about. I look back and wonder if those hours were well spent, but I know they were times of reflection and inspiration for myself. I have to let it go, because I suppose at the time I did need my own project and hobby. 
How about you? What got you into blogging and do you ever feel torn between making time to blog and the other duties in your life? Do you ever wonder if it is worth the time like I do? 
I’m just being honest here. I know I love it and am always looking forward to my next post, journaling about ideas, and grateful for the relationships I have met. It’s just always a battle to prioritize life! I often feel the pull between laundry, my post, personal time with God, or just taking my daughter to the park. 
But, I’ve gotten wiser in how to spend my time. I know that I do need “me” time, and if this is the way I love to spend it, then carving out an hour or so each day is well worth it. 


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    I started blogging when I was pregnant with Evelynne. My main goal was to use it for ministry and once I had Evelynne I use it for more of a ministry/lifestyle. Which I like to use my life experiences to minister as well. I have thought that before on whether or not to continue blogging and whether or not to quite. But I believe God has great plans for it. So, I decided to do all of my blogging at night so I don’t miss any family time during the day. 🙂

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    Honestly, I started blogging for a lot of the same reasons. I had just had my third and final baby, and it was the first time I was staying home I needed something. However, being the mom of three boys, I blog when I have time, but my family always comes first. So, sometimes I have more interesting posts than I do at other times. I noticed that when my family went through a really crazy time, my inspiration kind of went out of the window, and I didn’t blog much at all. I haven’t worried so much about gaining followers, or making any money from it through ads, as much as I’ve focused on working on my writing and having fun with it. I think one of the best things that I’ve experienced with my blog is that it has kept me writing. It has made me challenge myself and it has helped me to improve. Plus, I use my stories in our photo books. So, that’s a neat aspect of the blogging experience. My kids will always have these cool stories to read about our family. I think that’s why I still do it. :o)

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      I love this! I started it to write again because I loved a creative writing class I took in college. I had no idea what blogs were! So I challenged myself to write 5 times a week to build my skill again. It was wonderful! And challenging.

      I think it’s great you out your family first and allow yourself time to deal with issues and important events and put your blog in the back burner if you need to. That is so wise. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    Tiffany I agree. My fiance told me to start a blog actually. I had so much free time I think he just wanted me to have a hobby besides running.

    Before March 15th-ish I NEVER READ A BLOG IN MY ENTIRE LIFE– Had no clue what a blog was or that this community even existed on the web. No clue…zero!

    But now that I have been doing it for 1 month and a half. It’s….lets just say…interesting! There are times where I…

    1. Really enjoy reading posts (i feel as though GOOD posts are hard to come by with all of the redundant giveaways and stupid drunk posts)

    2. Feel like I’m in High School with all of the fake clicks, bad mouthing, and mean-tweeting (I havent PERSONALLY seen this but I read about it a lot, which exacerbates the situation)

    3. I’m helping people by writing posts they can relate to

    4. Putting myself out there…and potentially doing myself harm in the future with all the personal information about myself (even though it is all just regular coffee chat convos)

    Thats all I can think of right now. But I enjoy blogging and I want to keep going to see where it takes me.

    Great post!


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      I agree for sure! I had only read one blog- Pioneer Woman. I was so out of the loop when I joined. This comment made me laugh because I felt the same way! I read some blogs that were amazing and wonderful and came across some that… Well just seemed a scam. But you are right- you meet people, hopefully help people, and there really is an amazing community in blogging. Thanks for sharing this- loved it!

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    I love you! We talked about this, but blogging has definitely taken more of a backseat for me now. When I had nothing else to do before we moved, I LOVED it, but now there are so many other things that are just more important. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to blog, but it is more of a “free time” activity now and I am sure will stay that way once the new baby arrives (:

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    Blogging does bring a continual struggle to balance, because I think any of us could spend WAY too much time blogging, developing, networking, etc. I love it, so I don’t really mind when it consumes me. Until I notice what I’m neglecting (like clean toilets). But overall, blogging gives me confidence, so I definitely think it’s worth it!


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    Love this post! The balance is hard, but it’s so worth it. This will forever be on the internet. A piece of you, your life, and your family…that’s what makes it all worth while!


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    I hear you! I got into blogging before our first move to Japan- what else am I going to do? It really helped me feel connect to friends and family even though I was so far away! I have much more time to blog there too because I am living in an apartment and they are just less demands. When I move back to the States my blogging always decreases and sometimes I feel back about it, like I’m not performing well or something. However you are right, “is it time well spent or not?” I blog because it is fun for me and a creative outlet. If I start feeling stressed about not getting a post out, well that’s my sign I’m not doing it for the right reasons.

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