These boots were made for walking…

This girl. She is on the move. Her joy in this picture makes my heart want to leap out of my chest! 
Every day is such an adventure with her. Yesterday we went on a hike, and she SCREAMED until we took her out of the pack so she could walk herself. Every time I tried to hold her hand she adamantly shook her head NO! “No Mom, I wanna walk by myself”. My strong willed, independent baby is walking like crazy. She is trying to take it all in. I am loving this stage. 
Parenting is so fun. It truly is an adventure, and the laughs and thrills it brings me are priceless. I didn’t say it was easy though! (I literally just pulled a remote control out of the washing machine- somehow it got into the load of laundry!). 


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    The adventures with babies! It is all worthwhile and so much to smile and laugh about. Your daughter is precious! Keep cultivating that independent spirit. It will serve her well as she grows!

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    Thanks Francesca, Hayley and Amy! You are all so sweet. Hayley- Eli is so cute! All babies go at their own pace lol. I love watching them. Enjoy it while it lasts because once they start walking it is wild! 🙂

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