Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend was pretty much summed up by watching my daughter shuffle around in her new kicks (water shoes) in a diaper alone, rummaging like a wild lady in the kiddy pool out back. Watching her spend time with her grandparents is awesome.
I’ve started calling her our little scientist because all she does is experiment. I watch this child look at things, then try to eat them, then try to break them, then move on to the next item. It is pretty amusing.
When I come to Phoenix I have to do everything in my power to try NOT to eat all the amazing food. I am surrounded by some of my favorite restaurants or authentic Mexican food. It’s overwhelming at times!
I took my brother on his first hike ever. It was pretty cool to share that experience with him. Hiking does so much for my soul. If you don’t hike, try it. There is nothing like getting into nature and out of the business of the city. It grounds me.
A little coffee, family, Z Teja’s with a friend, and lots of time outside in the heat made it a lovely weekend!
Another random post. Hope y’all don’t mind!
1. Selfie 🙂
2. Z Teja’s HH with my bestie in Phoenix.
3. Green Chili and Tortilla- oh geez yum.
4. Me and my baby.
5. Margarita’s!
Hiking view!
1. Iced Espresso and Biscuits. The world’s best.
2. Lillian about to eat.
3. Morning hair.
4. Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Uh huh.


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    Hey! Are you from Arizona? I’m from Tempe, and I feel the exact same way about going back home—all the Mexican food!! Yum. Also, is that a new picture on your about page? It is so cute!

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    Oo which mountain did you hike? I’m not too sure how long you are here, but you NEED to hike camelback! Such a gorgeous view from the top first thing in the morning!

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    Sounds like you had a fun weekend. You made me really miss hiking through nature. My brother and sister and me used to wander around the forest all the time when we were kids. It was fun and magical. I think I’m going to make an effort to do that again soon!
    dia at theinspiredcafe.com

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