Lillian’s new and improved nursery reveal!

It has been a long time coming. Lillian’s nursery got a wonderful face-lift! I suppose now it is a toddler room, but I still consider my little one a baby so I want to call it a nursery for now. 
Here is the before picture, after we started tearing down all of the old stuff. 

Here is how the old room looked. This was an apartment we rented a year or so back, but you get the idea. The stuff all looked alright together, but there wasn’t really a theme, and everything was totally unorganized. 
This is the fresh and redone look. We opted for grey for the wall color. I love how the grey acts as a more modern neutral. The bright colors pop out really well against the grey. 
So, I am not very good at decorating. One of Lillian’s grandma’s is great at it. She lives for decor. For the past year she collected items from Hobby Lobby and Ross. My father and step-mother flew out for a three day room makeover. The project was totally exhausting, but 100% worth it. I was so grateful to them for their hard work and love for Lillian. She is amazing at decor. Just amazing. And my father is an excellent handy man. He can figure out how to do pretty much anything with his tool kit. My husband and I just stood by, in awe, offering to help however we could! This entire room makeover was done for under $250. Let me tell you how! 
See that cute picture with the elephants? Brian made that for Lillian while I was pregnant. He used a razor to cut out and layer paper. It reminds me of how much we love her and the excitement we had for her to enter the world while I was pregnant. 
See, everything was bought 50% off at Hobby Lobby, either using the curtain or the store specials. The rug and a few other items were bought at Ross, all for under $20 each. The paint was in the “messed up” section at Home Depot- equaling a whopping $15 for the room paint and dresser paint. The chandelier was repainted from ugly gold brass to sparkling white. And last, the dresser and toy box were painted teal. We painted the dresser knobs white. We found a cute letter to nail to the top of the toy box. 
The chandelier was hand-made by me during my pregnancy. It is a replica of one sold at Pottery Barn for about $60. It is no longer for sale, but I adored it. Everything else not mentioned was literally bought at Goodwill (well, not the crib and trash pail… but you get the gist). 
I chose a theme of bright colors and wanted it to be whimsical and girly but not the typical cartoonish nursery. I wanted it to be a room she could grow into and cherish but also have memories associated with it. I love the sweet owls, birds, butterflies, and flowers. It feels like a garden, in a way.  
We still have some work to do. I want to hang a pic of our family in here above her crib so she can see it as she lays in bed. I also plan to hang bling off of her curtain. It will look adorable. Last, she needs a new bedding set. 
Here is a pic of Lilly in her new room. She loves it! 
Do you like it? What are your thoughts? 


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    I love it! The dresser makeover is fabulous! Have you thought about writing a post about your transition to a toddler bed? We will be moving my son up in a few months and I’m trying to gather some tips! 🙂

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