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The best present for my birthday

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. It was the perfect birthday. We woke up and slowly made it over to one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world- Denver Biscuit Company. This place is NOT healthy. Look at that Cinnamon Roll Biscuit! Woah baby. So good. I think my favorite thing about the restaurant is it is one of those places that reminds me of my family because of the many times we have gone there. Plus, they play music from the 40’s and 50’s which reminds me of my childhood. 
…and then I got one of these lovelies. 
It rained a LOT on my birthday. I was born on September 11th. The day is so interesting because it is so often filled with both sadness and life. 
Of course, the day is filled with memorials and tragedy. I will personally never forget the day I saw the horror happen on television. 
On my birthday there was so much rain here in Colorado it flooded- bad. It has been all over the news so I am sure everyone knows about it. Nobody really saw it coming. I am still so saddened by the people who lost their lives and had their homes devastated by the floods. Boulder is so amazing and beautiful and I am in shock it got hit as hard as it did, along with some other towns and cities. 
At the same time, I know a strange amount of babies born on 9/11. New life. I visited a newborn in the hospital this past weekend and was reminded of how precious new life is- how amazing and mysterious childbirth truly is. 
I got sick the evening of celebrating my birthday and to be honest- it was the first year I just wanted to stay inside and be with my family. It was a moment I will never forget. I really didn’t care anymore about my birthday in the sense I always had. In the past I remember hoping people would remember or feeling disappointed if I didn’t get a phone call or card in the mail. Perhaps I am selfish. But this year I didn’t feel that. I just wanted to be tucked away in my home while the rain fell outside. 
I am in awe of how fragile life is. I am so grateful for the breathe in my lungs. God allowed me to wake up this morning and spend another day with my family. The sobering part of growing older is watching life come and go more often and realizing you are no longer “invincible”. I feel more aware of the fleeting beauty of life slipping by each day. It doesn’t cause me to panic, though. It gives me peace as it re-prioritizes my mind and where I spend my time. I feel so much gratitude for the simple blessings I see day in and day out. 
Mainly, this little girl. Look at these little faces she makes. Unbelievable. She makes me laugh :). Best gift EVER. 
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