Easiest Pumpkin Carving EVER: Power Drilling Holes into Pumpkin!

I needed something to do tonight with Lillian. We had exhausted books, toys, crafts, and it is super
chilly outside. I looked around for something to do, and could find nothing. Then I talked to my dad, who asked if I had carved a pumpkin yet with Lillian. Why no, Dad, I haven’t. Stop making me feel bad, Super Dad!
Then it dawned on me- a pumpkin! Hey, I had one of those. I keenly remember asking my husband at the line in Whole Foods if I could “pretty please get a pumpkin?” He was trying to be smart, knowing from past experience the pumpkin would probably get neglected and then turn to mush. Well, he was wrong this time. I pulled out that pumpkin and decided to make craft time out of it.
I remember seeing on Pinterest a pumpkin that had been carved with a power tool. Easy enough. It was pretty, and I liked how simple it was.
I put a large trash bag on the floor and scooped out all of the seeds out of the pumpkin. I used a serrated and sharp knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin. It worked the best of all the knives. Then I tried multiple utensils to scoop out the messy inside. What worked best? The ice cream scoop!
A few minutes in, we had TONS of pumpkin innards on the trash bag. Lillian went crazy with them. I should have stopped her from sampling them, but instead I took pictures of her sour puss face. I couldn’t resist.

I recommend scooping out so much of the inside that the walls of the pumpkin get very thin. This ensure the light will come through well.
Then I pulled out our trusting power drill. I simply drilled holes where I pleased. It was EASY. You can do flowers, chevron, stripes, or bubbles.
I then took a tea light candle and put it inside. Lillian gasped and said, “oh wow”, when we lit it up and turned out the lights. It turned out very pretty, and I put almost no thought into it. If you actually try and make yours look nice, it should turn out better than this!
Plus, the men in your life will think you are pretty creative by using the power drill.


Happy Birthday Hubby!

Well, the past few weeks have been pretty blissful. My husband took a mini stay-cation. We watched a lot of movies, ate tons of good food, and caught up with friends.
The past three days we have been celebrating his birthday. He is spoiled! Except, he is the one who has been cooking for us. (I made the carrot cake though!).
We enjoyed a night out downtown… a delicious array of gourmet cheeses and charcuterie, some craft beer, and carbonara pizza!
We did some working out as a family, then went home and downed home made burgers complete with home made hamburger buns! They were so good. Then I made the most fattening carrot cake in the whole world, complete with cream cheese frosting. My daughter was flipping out and wanted MORE. As you can see in the first pic, she was ready for her piece!
Happy Birthday Hubs! I am so grateful for you and everything you do for our family. You are a source of strong love. You provide for us, make us laugh, and help us be more brave.
There is so much more I could say, but I am just really grateful. The years seem to be flying by. Some days feel long, but the weeks seem shorter and shorter. It seemed like yesterday we were celebrating your last birthday “Ron Swanson” style, complete with flannels, whiskey, and man games.

Weekly Blogging Tips: So you want to start a blog?

I remember my first blog. I stared at the white screen for about a half hour. I had no idea which direction to go. Yes, I had a journal full of ideas. But that first post seemed so important, so permanent.
So, what did I write about?
Writer’s block.
I am not kidding. That was my first introduction of myself to the blogging world. I look back and cringe. However, the reminder of the magnitude of that day is wrapped up in my silly first post title.
Starting a blog is a big deal. It is an open sourced window into your heart and soul. You are telling the world things about who you are and how you feel.
Which is exactly where everyone should start. There should be a passion burning inside of you that is calling you to blog.
My favorite bloggers are honest, heartfelt, and go with their gut feeling on issues. They may be controversial. That is fine. I love going to their space online and reading what they have to say.
Starting a blog will be hard. There will be days, maybe even weeks or months, where you stumble over your words or cannot find inspiration. You will begin to see the great, big, blogging world and become tempted to compare yourself to veteran bloggers. DON’T DO IT! Try your best to stay focused on your content and values. It is alright to go find ideas or tips, but don’t expect to grow overnight or find success immediately.
Which brings me to my next point. Pace yourself. There is a ton that goes into blogging. Wouldn’t it be nice if blogging just meant writing? Well, it doesn’t. Even simple blogs still need to change settings in their platforms, will have to block spammers, or reply to comments. Trust me, there are many mean people in the world that will trash your hard work with mean comments or rote spam messages. Ignore it and keep on trucking.
My advice to anyone starting a blog is similar to anyone starting a training program: stick with it for 90 days. Post every day, even if it is a sentence. Simply keeping up momentum will help. You will find your groove. You will miss a day. Maybe even many days. Believe me. That is ok. Just pick it up the next day.
Try your best to focus first on your content. Keep a journal and fill it with ideas, recipes, and bits of inspiration. It will be the heart and soul of your blog.
Start your blog! I have several friends who have told me they really want to start a blog but do not know where to start. I remember feeling that way. A great place to start is by picking a name, seeing if it is available, and simply setting up your space. I use Blogger, and love it. It is free, and very user friendly. If you want to get more involved with self-hosting, etc. go for it. A year after having my .blogspot I self hosted and it only cost me $10. I still have friends who have tremendous blogs that have the .blogspot in their name.
But I am getting ahead of myself. I will get more into the nitty gritty details of becoming a blogger in later posts. This first post is merely me being a cheerleader for you and telling you to go for it!
Please leave any questions or comments you wish for me to answer in future posts! This is going to be an ongoing discussion and series.
The next post will be on choosing the right name for your blog. See you then!