Fall leaves and baby video

Sometimes you capture one of those moments on video that you know will never come again. Yesterday we were raking our leaves, and my daughter wanted to play with them more than anything. I realized that this was the one and only day we would have big bunches of leaves on my yard, and I have no idea if leaves will ever captivate my daughter the way they do now. I was so happy to grab this little snippet on camera. I even added a silly sound effect. For funsies. 
Well, winter came today with full force. It took me an hour and a half to drive ten miles. This whole morning has been filled with inconveniences and reminders of how hard life can be sometimes. There are days that I feel I am mustering up a smile. Today is one of them. There are loved ones I know struggling with their health, people dealing with disasters, and financial stresses that pop up out of nowhere. 
Then I see videos like this and remember the blessings I have right now. There is nothing like babies and cute little furry animals on Youtube doing silly things to brighten my day!


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