Lillian is 19 months!

My baby is growing up so fast. I cannot believe 19 months has flown by.
Sometimes I look at her and she seems so long, so grown up, so able.
Other times, such as when she is cuddled up in my arms, she still looks like a little baby.
Lillian, if you read this one day, please know what a joy it is to be your mother. Your heart is precious to me. I love your generous spirit. You love to share the food you love with me and your Dad, even if it is your last bite. I love how you long to give me and your Dad hugs at night. I love watching you grow, explore, and play. You are such a little nut (in a good way). Your Dad and I have belly laughed over your silly moments, like when you try to wrestle us and stick your booty in our face. Your brilliant at blocks. Your a little imaginative girl, already playing doctor and helping mommy clean the kitchen and driving cars. We are so proud of you and your brave moments, like getting shots and holding your own. We love family nights and watching Brave, Tangled, and Monsters University with you (your favorite movies!). We are looking forward to all the crazy, fun, and silly adventures we get to enjoy with you. You are a special, unique, and wonderful little lady.


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