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Finding rest in the Lord [Scripture on Sundays]

Sunday morning. Baby is asleep. The house is calm and quiet. Warm cup of coffee, bible open, and a brief moment to ponder the magnitude of the verse above.
I love the titles ascribed to Jesus in the above verse.
Break-ups. New mom exhaustion. Loss. Disappointment. Life is full of moments that have made me anxious, fret, or sad. I have needed help and advice. I have needed people to speak encouragement over me and truth in my cloudy life. How often have I sought counsel from a friend, family member, or even paid for someone to help me see clearly?
As our nations are at war and politicians are constantly grumbling, it is easy to wonder if anyone could ever be a good leader. Where is peace? I am so sick of bloodshed, poverty, and governments using power to control and oppress their people. How often have I hoped for peace?
There have been moments in my life where I have felt so small. Standing at the edge of the endless ocean, as the waves gently crashed against my feet. Leaning my head against a rock, closing my eyes, and listening to the creek run, skip, and dance. Hiking for miles and finding myself in a valley of flowers, surrounded by wild beauty and the hush of no man. It is in those quiet moments when I feel small that God feels big. It is during those times I sense the greatness of creation and feel humbled. How often have I felt the fear of God?
I’ll never forget my first bike. My Dad picked it up at a garage sale. It was an old tricycle. He took hours to repaint it and spruce it up. I cherished it for years. My father taught me how to ride my bike. He took me on my first fishing trip. He held my hand when I got shots. I cried in his shoulder. He walked me down the aisle. I called him when I got into car accidents and had my baby. He has always been there for me. How often have I needed my Dad?
Jesus is my Wonderful Counselor, my Prince of Peace, my God, and my Dad. He is good. He meets so many raw, human needs that I have.
The need for truth and love deep, deep down in my soul. Tiny, timeless, whispers that feed my heart and give me assurance. Jesus can fill that need.
When the world around me is filled with chaos, my need for peace can be found in Jesus. He leads me beside still waters. I find rest in knowing he is in control. He is the Prince of Peace. My need for peace can be found in him.
As I feel lost, small, or fearful of life, I can remember that I serve a good God. He is love. Love so tender and real that He is also my…
Father. My Daddy. The one I can run to when I am hurt or afraid. There is no one who can love us our damage us more than our fathers. Jesus fills the need I have for a Dad who will always be there for me. No earthly Dad can fill that need for us. Only Jesus.
This morning I reflect on the great love of God to send Jesus into my life.  I don’t deserve this treasury of love. As I chew on this scripture, I feel so grateful.
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