How to keep your head up when Blog Land wants to put you down

Hey guys,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being a big part of my life. Words cannot really express what I am trying to say, but this blog and the people it has connected me to has made such a difference in my life. I have often felt extreme gratitude, humility, success, and failure through this blog. Let me explain.
There have been so many amazing and heartfelt comments, emails, and connections I have received. There have been times I didn’t know how to respond to express how I felt, times I think I responded with so much excitement that I freaked the person out, and times in my personal life when things were so busy at home that I neglected my email and blog due to utter exhaustion and lack of time. There have been times this blog has felt like so much work that I have contemplated jumping ship. There have been times I’ve just wanted to spend eight hours at Starbucks writing content. I have put my family first over my blog, and have put my blog over my family.
I suppose what I am trying to say is without all of you I definitely would not still be blogging. It is much more than I originally thought. To be extremely transparent, I sometimes get sick of all the competition and stats and giveaways. I get stuck sometimes. It’s hard- you know? You spend all this time writing and hope to make a little money for your time (I mean, I’m not rich, and my time is valuable). Then I get worried that I spend too much time focusing on giveaways or sponsored posts. But then I want to cover my bills for various costs that go into blogging, etc! See the predicament? I know I am commited to sticking with my values for why I started this blog- to share my faith and life with other women and to have a real discussion board for real issues. It just seems like such a catch 22 now to get your blog accessible to others, cover costs, and be able to provide good content. I hate knowing that I sometimes add to the madness, get stuck in it- but I know that this blog has such a deeper meaning for me in the end. There have been so many women that have inspired me to keep it simple and continue to focus on writing good content and being “real” even when there are so many distractions in Blog Land.
I have several friends in ministry that express the same sentiment. There is something yucky feeling about getting paid for something you love to do- something that should be pro bono. That’s where I struggle.
So many of you have touched me. I’ve watched women in the blogging world do amazing things. I’ve seen some post about beautiful, heartfelt issues that have touched and inspired me. I am blown away by how some of you are so connected and make time daily to read blogs and comment on them. Some of you rock at tweeting and promoting your other blogger friends. Some of you are just hilarious and so darn talented with words, growing your blog, and design that I feel like a newbie all over again.
Thank you all for the impact you’ve made on me. There are many of you who have helped me in a crunch, mentored me, or have just taken the time to reach out and say hello. So many of you stay connected and take a moment to comment on my sometimes silly personal life. It is really humbling, honestly, and I don’t even know how to say thanks. I feel like I know so so many of you through the small connection we share here. I then visit your place on the web and feel even more connected.
I think the most amazing part of it all is realizing how much we all share in common. We talk about our struggles with motherhood, marriage, and relationships. We laugh together. We do goofy, fun things and link ups. We get all “girly” and talk about our opinions on makeup or clothes. We gush about our children and husbands. We cry out for help when we experience loss or suffering. We point to injustice in the world. We face ethical dilemmas, concerns about our blog, and balancing our life. Sometimes I get lonely in my world, and when I get online and read your stories, I realize many of you feel the same way. I’ve met so many women who trust Jesus, who struggle with their faith, and who are real about where they are in the journey. It’s all so lovely.
So, thank you. Thanks for being a part of my life.You never know how much you can impact someone through a small email, comment, or tweet. Let me just say, on several occasions, I have felt truly blessed, loved, and grateful for friends around the world I have never met in person but meet with daily in Blog Land.


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    I feel the same way sometimes! It’s hard, but like you said I am thankful for my blogger friends I have met along the way! I think too often many bloggers (guilty) get caught up in the competition of it, who has more followers, more stats, numbers, higher sponsored posts…. sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the amazing people we have met instead! 🙂

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    Thank you for all your efforts that goes into your blog. I have enjoyed reading and supporting your blog for a while and its one of my favorites! Your priorities are exactly where they need to be with your family and that is why you have a successful blog. You are real and it shows.

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    I feel this way often too! But this world of blogging is indeed a community & I am thankful for it 🙂 Keep following after Him and keep writing about it.. all the rest will fall into place. Thankful to “know” you & read along in your journey, lady!

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      Glad I’m not the only one! Your so right- there is a great community here. Thank you for that encouragement. I am thankful to know “you” too and thank you for this comment! Have a wonderful day Lauren!

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    This brought a tear to my eye, Tiffany. You are so genuine…so real…in all your posts, but especially this one. There’s nothing more that you could’ve said to relay your gratitude.

    Above all, however, we have/do feel this same way from time to time. You’re not alone. Blogging must be a deeply personal commitment to endure all the challenges and hardships it sometimes brings. You’re doing a wonderful job with yours, be it financially beneficial or not — because as far as I see, you are a God-send in my life. Our paths would have never crossed otherwise. I am grateful to know you!

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    Hi Tiffany, I understand the struggle you feel with finding the balance between blog promotion and the higher of goal of glorifying God with our blogs. At times I feel as if blogging was much easier when I was happily unaware of all the “must-do’s” of the blogging world. However, blogging has also been very rewarding.

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