Child Footprint Keepsake Ornament: Christmas Reindeer Craft!

Are you looking for a fun and easy keepsake for Christmas 2013? I found this on Pinterest, of course, and thought it was the cutest idea! I call this a child footprint reindeer keepsake! I will be making an ornament out of ours by laminating it and putting a cute ribbon through the top. My friend also made these and did Christmas cards out of them. You could even simply put this on your fridge or in a photo book! 
Here is all you need:
White cardstock
Brown ink pad
Small oogly eyes from a craft store
Brown marker
Glue Stick
Regular Craft Glue
Try your best to get your babies footprint by smearing the ink pad thoroughly over her precious foot.  Try using a toy as a distraction throughout the process or do it while she is asleep. Then press the foot onto the paper, using a bit of pressure to get a good imprint. 
Let it dry for a few minutes. Then, draw antler ears with the marker. Using glue, add the eyes with the glue stick. Last, using a Q-tip, drop a round dot where you want the nose. Make a round circle, and add the glitter. Shake off the excess. 
Isn’t it a cute idea? What a great way to capture your babies footprint to pull out for Christmas years to come! 🙂 Get enough supplies and make these with your family and friends on Christmas Eve!


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