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This post is all about my current crushes. Blog crushes. Food crushes. Movie crushes. Just a whole lotta love going on around here today. 

Watching: Stuck in Love. Have you seen this movie? It is great. I love a good romantic drama with some comedy thrown in there. Plus, I love the cast. It is a great low-key yet heartfelt movie to watch any night of the week. Think Love, Actually meets Spanglish. Careful friends, there are definitely F-bombs in the movie so don’t have the kids around. It can be hard to find movies in Hollywood that lift marriage, love, and family up high. This movie does just that, even if it is for adult ears only. 

Eating: Fage Greek Yogurt with Mango Guanabana. Kinda on a greek yogurt kick in general right now. 

Drinking: Iced Caramel Macchiato. Bringing back my old school Starbucks go-to. I got an email today for a FREE drink. I was pumped. So I ordered the most expensive drink I could. (Ok, it isn’t the most expensive but I am normally a two-shots-of-espresso-over-ice kind of girl.)
Wearing: Chunky sweaters and yoga pants. It’s too cold outside peeps. Oh, and wool socks. We got a crap ton of snow.

Doing: Reading a lot of books with my kiddo, late night pizza noshes with the hubby, hanging with friends when I can, running occasionally, trying to slow down time. Taking the plunge and attempting to read through the bible this year. So far I am on Chapter 30 in Genesis. Wish me luck! 

Current Favorite Blog Reads: 
Flower Patch Farmgirl: The Truth About Loneliness
CaseyLeigh/ The Weigands: Real Moms. 
All My Happy Endings: Fitting into Motherhood

                                           alisaburke: The Art of Blogging, My Favorite Tips

These reads are great. Some want to make you cry (read- The Truth About Loneliness, Real Moms, and Fitting into Motherhood). The Banana Pancakes will just make you downright hungry. And The Art Of Blogging is a great read in general. All these blogs are some of my favorite daily reads. 
Well, friends, I am off. I am actually here at Starbucks for a few hours of alone time. Hope you all have a great day. What are you enjoying right now? I’d love to hear! 

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