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Mom doesn’t have time to get sick! Guide to getting better, faster. #HealthcareClinic

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I felt it coming. The burning. The itching. The body ache. I have had a run-in with a urinary tract infection once in my life. Pardon my honesty. Anyone who has ever had one knows they are miserable. I got it from a hot tub at a gym. Gross! Well, I knew right away I was getting one again. It was a Friday afternoon, and I had a busy weekend planned. My husband and I had planned to take my daughter to the park, amongst other things. One thing is for sure- she never forgets when we promise to take her to the park! The last thing I wanted was to be stuck on the couch. Being a mom of a toddler makes it really inconvenient to get sick. Even if I am sick, I still have to take care of another little person. 

I also wanted relief, ASAP! I would dread every time I needed to use the bathroom! I realized I needed to take care of my issue, fast, before it would get worse! I decided to look for a Healthcare Clinic in Denver. I hopped online to find a way to save time and healthcare cost in treating my UTI. I needed to find a clinic that could see me within a few hours and would not break my bank account. I checked out Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Denver online and was able to find a clinic within a few miles from my house, check the current wait time, and schedule an appointment. 

I am not going to lie- I was really stressed out. My daughter was being fussy that day, and my worst nightmare was sitting in a wait room with her for a long period of time. When I got there, I was at ease. Since I was able to check the wait time ahead and schedule an appointment, I got right in. It was easy! They ran a quick lab test on me and collected my information. I was seen by a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who took her time with me and found the best solution to fight my infection. I was in and out within twenty minutes, and even had my prescription filled right there. It was the perfect scenario for a busy mom with a toddler like myself. One of the prescriptions helped relieve my pain within thirty minutes. That was a beautiful moment for me! 

I was so relieved to take care of my infection as soon as possible without having to wait in a busy and germ infected Emergency Department for hours! Since it was a Friday afternoon, I wouldn’t have been able to get into my family practice. It was win-win. I was also thankful that my insurance covered the visit and the co-pay is way less than an urgent care or ER. I was able to get on antibiotics right away, and by Sunday I felt much better. If I had put off my health I know things would have gotten so much worse. (Sometimes I have to force myself to put health first). 
I was able to keep my weekend plans and go running quicker than I could have imagined! I learned a valuable lesson: I need to take care of myself and prioritize my health for my family! So often I put off my health needs tending to my daughter or husband. This year my goal it to do a better job caring for myself. I am really glad I took initiative and got care right away instead of living in misery for a weekend. 

Pros of the Healthcare Clinic

  • Online wait times and appointment scheduler make it easy for busy working professionals and moms to squeeze in a visit without it taking up a whole day. 
  • I was able to get my prescription filled right there. 
  • The Nurse Practitioner was extremely helpful and understanding of my sitation. 
  • I saved lots of money in my healthcare costs. 
Areas that could be improved
  • I wish there were more locations! I didn’t have to drive far, but I would have loved the healthcare clinic closer to my home in Denver. 
  • I would love to see a kid-friendly zone so busy toddlers like mine could keep busy for a few minutes while waiting. 

Once my meds kicked in later that day I was even able to get Lillian to the park for a little bit. We had a blast! 
I was so grateful for how timely this opportunity was given my personal circumstances. I hope I am able to help out other mothers’ out there in need of healthcare alternatives! What is your experience with those pesky, last minute infections or illnesses in your family? Do you put it off until Monday or try and get seen right away? What back-up plans do you have in case you get sick on a weekend or time when your family practice cannot squeeze you in?

For more information on Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, find them on Twitter and on Facebook. #HealthcareClinic #Collective Bias.

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