Petting zoo, trains, and funnel cakes

Being the mother of a toddler ensures one thing: you pay to do things you would normally pay NOT to do. Take the 2014 National Western Stock Show. I have been invited to this event many times, and every time I thought of any excuse I could not to go. I cannot stand chicken coops, wild bulls, and country music all within the confines of a smelly building. 
However, I do have a toddler who loves animals, trains, and fun festivities, so it was a must-do on our list. I will have to admit: I liked the petting zoo more than I thought! 
Getting to relive the excitement of a petting zoo with my toddler was so fun. She was TERRIFIED of the llamas and sheep. I found it hilarious. It was so cute to see the baby goats and pigs. 

Lillian holding hands with her friend, Zoe. 

Getting to see the magic of pony rides from my daughter’s perspective. 

Am I a mean mom? I forced Lillian to ride the train. I knew she would love it! She cried and was scared. 

Lillian freaking out while I am laughing. Are trains really that scary?

She loved the little baby goat. I did too!

This sheep was cracking me up. 

My kiddo, terrified of the most tame animals ever. 

Sure enough, she loved the train ride. See, trust your momma! 

We had a lovely day. It was a fun memory for sure. We did share a funnel cake. Those are SO good. Thanks to my sweet daughter Lillian for getting me excited to do the things I loved doing as a child all over again. 
Our kiddos truly are amazing gifts from God. 


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