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Beautiful Joy + Letter to Lillian

I am so in love with this little gal. Every chance I get we go outside to play. She loves it outside. The birds, the sun, the other children- it all overwhelms her with joy. I love seeing her joy flow out with such enthusiasm. This is from a few weeks back. The weather as of late is cold and drury. We are itching for more nice weather for more times like these. 
Dear Lilly,
One of my favorite things about you is your joyful spirit. I love that you delight in things such as puppies, flowers, cats, and bikes. Your excitement is contagious. You love with no barriers. You cannot keep from smiling with that adorable, huge, unhinged smile.
You literally light up a room. You instantly brighten other people’s day. Many times you have given a cheeky grin to a stranger who couldn’t help but grin back. I love that!
My prayer is that you would keep the joy that is so evident within you. I believe you were created to reflect God’s joyful spirit. I love that you giggle with delight at the sight of a mountain or throw your arms around Mommy and Daddy with such enthusiasm we cannot help but laugh. There are times you turn our day around with your silliness. We so often get cynical, grumpy, or down in the dumps and there is no one in the world better at cheering us up than our little daughter.
Never let this world drag you down. Soon your eyes will be opened to the race of the world. You will notice people who have stopped appreciating things such as flowers and puppies and will find your joy a hindrance to their busy lives. This world often forgets to take in moments of beauty or appreciate simple things such as a warm blanket, a new pair of shoes, or the first hot cocoa in the fall. Keep delighting in and expressing gratitude for these small blessings. Don’t worry about keeping up with the busy world. The rat race of money and success can weigh anyone down. Keep slowing me down, kiddo. I need to learn how to take in the beauty of the world myself.
Keep asking questions. Wonder and marvel at the stars. Question why the sky is blue. I love that you want to take in the world at such a rapid rate. You are alive, and you love it.
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