Book Review: My Name is Erin series

Is there a sweet teen in your life that could use some truth in her life? My heart naturally has compassion for teenagers. I remember my teen years being filled with emotion. I experienced my first major insecurities, heart-break, and achievements during that momentous time. I remember longing for meaningful conversation that might help guide my path. 

I love that the books “My Name is Erin” are written for young ladies who could use some wise counsel in a loving, graceful way. The books are filled with biblical truth and scripture in bite-size portions for girls that are living busy, teenage lives. “My Name is Erin” examines common cultural issues such as moral relativity, sex, and identity. Girls will explore how the Ten Commandments relate to their lives in a culture that does not always give honor to those who long to serve God. The books are humorous, relateable, and filled with understanding. 

I remember comparing myself to other girls, struggling with body weight issues, and dealing with puberty. I think reading these books would have been good for me. I would have loved to discover that I wasn’t alone. 

The books are small, bright, and cute. I think these would be easy to discuss over a dessert and hot chocolate. I look forward to reading them with my daughter, and am eager to discuss some of the ideas with my younger brothers and sisters. For more information, visit Amazon or Moody Publishers

*Copies of these books were given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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