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Easy ways to prevent diaper rash

I always hate when my daughter gets diaper rash. It makes me so sad! Red, itchy, irritated skin is not pleasant for a baby. I always do my best to make sure her “down-there” area is clean and dry. 
Every new mom wants to know simple techniques for making sure baby is comfortable and diaper-rash free. Here are some easy tips I have learned over the past year to ensure your baby’s sweet bottom feels good! 
Keep her bottom clean
Do your best to keep your baby’s bottom clean. Buy diapers that fit well and are not too tight or too loose. If baby has diarrhea, try to change the diaper more often. 
Keep her bottom dry
I often washed my baby’s bottom with water after a blow-out, and let her air dry for a bit before putting another diaper on. I really think this helped prevent lots of diaper rash. I also chose wipes without fragrance or chemicals. 
Use a protective barrier cream when rashes do arise
I loved our diaper rash cream for times when she did develop a rash. The cream acts like a barrier and protects baby’s bottom from toxins. Use some at night after bath and before bed to ensure baby doesn’t develop a rash. 
Pat- don’t rub
Try your best not to rub a diaper rash with a towel or wipe. Instead, use gentle pats. This feels much better on irritated skin. 
If you are looking for a great wipe to minimize diaper rash, I recommend Waterwipes. I was sent a package of WaterWipes to try, and am really impressed. I love how plush they are! I am really happy I can find them at Walgreens once I run out. I have been looking for the best natural wipes that are affordable. I really like Waterwipes because they have no chemicals or fragrances and they are organic. I also really like that they are thick and durable. So many wipes I try fall apart or are flimsy and don’t get the tougher diaper changes. I recommend these wipes for anyone. 
Do you have any tips?!
*I received a free sample of Waterwipes in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I like and find useful for other people. 🙂

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