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For all of you who think Valentine’s Day is kind of a joke…

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe I am lucky because our anniversary is in two weeks. I guess I don’t understand the difference between an anniversary and Valentine’s Day. All Valentine’s Day has ever done for me is make me feel super single when I wasn’t with someone or very confused about what the heck to do on Valentine’s Day when I was with someone. Plus, it is the worst for any middle-schooler going through puberty. I guess the only redeeming part of Valentine’s Day were those super fun cartoon cards I got to hand out as a kid. That was fun. 

I went to the store last night to get some groceries and was laughing. There had to be at least ten miserable-looking guys standing in line with a cheesy bouquets of flowers. I thought to myself, “Do their wives or girlfriends expect this and get mad if they don’t get anything?”. Because it just seems so forced! Plus, Valentine’s Day stuff is so ugly. Honestly, I was just hoping my husband put his socks away and helped me unload the dishwasher on his own. 
I ended up getting a package of York Peppermint Patties and dark chocolate truffles, because if there is one thing I believe Valentine’s Day is good for is the chocolate excuse. I will have chocolate anytime I can. Oh, and red wine. 
I came home and had some mercy on my husband. I kind of feel bad for guys on this holiday. I mean, it really is only about the girls. How many women surprise their husband with what they want for Valentine’s Day? (Most likely a steak, violent movie, and a little “you-know-what” after). Not many. Poor guys gotta take us out to Applebee’s (man, that place stinks) or some crap like that and get us a necklace or bear.

Now, if he shows up tonight with a bottle of wine I won’t complain… 😉

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