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Can you go thirty days without making one purchase?

No spending. Thirty days. I announced this to my husband today.
No lattes. No diet cokes on the go. No unplanned purchases. 
Gulp. Can I do this? 
I recognize I have an abundance of stuff. People around the world live off way less than me every day. I really want to be able to be content with what I have and break the habit of making random purchases. I want to know that I can choose not to spend and to be creative with what I have. 
I’ve been thinking about doing it for a LONG time. Like, years long. Every time I wanted to try it out I put it off. There was always something that needed to be bought. A birthday gift, an outfit for an occasion. Right now I cannot think of anything I need. I have plenty of stuff. Can I live thirty days off of what I have? Can I have enough self-control and organizational skills to plan ahead and not make spontaneous purchases? 
I don’t know. I hope I can. We will see! 
My husband will be making all the grocery, gas, and basic need purchases. I will keep my credit cards on me in case of an emergency, but my goal is to not make one purchase. That means packing my lunch, making my coffee, and rediscovering old clothes I haven’t worn in a while. I need to replace my habit of thrifting for a month with walks and the library. Coffee dates will be relocated to my house. No eating out. I can cook. Eek. 
You guys are a part of my accountability system. I am scared because I don’t want to fail. But I have a goal. I wanna pay off my credit cards in four weeks. I can do it if I don’t spend a dime in four weeks. 
Have you ever done something like this? Do you have advice? I start tomorrow. 
Aah! Here I go. I will keep you all posted. Hold me accountable, please?!
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