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Importance of Block Play for Toddlers + Giveaway “Back to Blocks”

Toy blocks are one of the best developmental toys for young children. They may not appear as fun as the flashy toys that make sounds and light up, but they are extremely beneficial in helping children learn how to problem solve from a young age. Toy blocks can help young children learn about the basics of science as well! I have been fortunate to read about the benefits of blocks for toddlers early on. I am excited to give away a sample set 12 natural, hardwood blocks from Back to Blocks to one of you!

I recently listened to an interesting NPR News feature on how blocks can teach math, science, social, and critical thinking skills. It really changed my mind on the importance of blocks and getting my daughter around other children while playing with such a neat toy and educational tool!

Some of the benefits of toy blocks are the following

Toy blocks promote spatial skills
All that stacking teaches children to build. Building requires critical thinking about space. What an amazing and important skill to learn early on. One of my daughters favorite things to do is stack five or six blocks and then knock them over! 

Toy blocks create language skills
Block play may help kids develop skills important for language development. An article by Parenting Science talks about a study that looked at how block play promotes language development. Check it out!

Toy blocks promote problem solving opportunities
Kids can practice putting blocks together in a variety of ways. This helps kids think creatively and solve problems when trying to build structures. 

Toy Blocks enhance social and cooperative play

Research suggests kids become more cooperative and friendly when working on block construction projects. I have watched my own daughter work well with other toddlers when playing with blocks.

    Some of the tips I have read really help when looking for ways to maximize the educational power of blocks.

    First, get down on the ground and build things with your child. It may be tempting to empty the blocks onto the ground and get something done, but even just a few minutes of playing with your child can really help.
    Second, make it more fun by using imagination play! Bring other toys into the mix (cars, little people), and build structures like houses for these other toys. Imagination play in young children is super important and a major brain exercise!
    Third, encourage play dates that center around block activities. Teach the kiddos how to help one another stack and build and share.
    Fourth, give simple tasks to your child like, “take this square block and stack it on the other blocks. This teaches listening skills and critical thinking, and sets up situations to praise your child!

I was able to test out a set of wood blocks from Back to Blocks, a fantastic Utah based company that handcrafts natural hardwood blocks for children. They are committed to the notion that children need more opportunities to imagine, create, and problem solve while having fun.  You can check out their website here:

I let my daughter play with 12 basic wooden blocks and she loved them! I also had fun building structures. I can teach her shapes, spatial recognition, and construction with this set. 
The blocks are lovely. The wood is beautiful and soft to the touch. I have some plastic blocks, but I love the feel of wood blocks more. I am excited to give away a sample set of these 12 blocks to one of you!

*US and Canada 18+ older may enter the giveaway

*I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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