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My own future little gymnast:)

I find the Olympics inspiring. I am amazed by how hard many of the athletes push themselves from a young age, overcome failure and adversity, and depend on fellow teammates. When I found out about this program I thought it would be great to spread awareness. 

Sports are important in our family because they teach the following things: discipline, agility, team work, and perseverance. I am trying to instill these values in my daughter no matter how good she is at sports. I believe everyone can benefit from exercize. 

I also find it inspiring when people in the public sphere use their power for the good of others. I love this program that will help programs in need. Nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes are raising awareness for nine programs to help athletes. Citi donated $500,000 to the Olympics and people get to vote to decide where the money goes. 

You can help decide where it goes with just a click! Spread the word about this amazing program and the chance to give back during this exciting season! 

Here are the 9 programs in need and the 9 Olympians who are supporting them:
The athletes are Alana Nichols, Billy Demong, Dan Jansen, Erin Hamlin, Evan Lysacek, Julie Chu, Picabo Street, Rico Roman and Ted Ligety.
Alana Nichols & Team USA Paralympic Champions Fund: Supports raising money for aspiring U.S. Paralympians
Billy Demong & Team for Tomorrow:  supports preading Olympic values to future generations
Dan Jansen & Olympians for Olympian Relief Funds: supports helping U.S. Olympians through hard times
Erin Hamlin & USA Luge Slider Search: supports discovering the next great luge athletes
Evan Lysacek & Figure Skating in Harlem: supports inspiring a new generation of skaters from urban areas
Julie Chu & The USA Hockey Foundation: supports letting kids try hockey for free
Picabo Street & The TEAM USA Stay on the Slopes Initiative: supports injury preventions for skiers and snowboarders
Rico Roman & Operation Comfort: supports giving back to our country’s veterans
Ted Ligety & Youth Enrichment Services: supports giving urban youth the chance to ski and snowboard
For more information visit: Citi or watch this short video:

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