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Why breakfast is important + $2.00 off coupon! #QuakerShakes

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am going to admit something bad: I skip breakfast most mornings. Yep, I am a coffee in the morning till noon kind of girl. I know, health advocates are very against this. I try to make breakfast, but typically between all the hustle and bustle in the morning I can hardly get my daughter fed.
I do like to have breakfast, but just not big heavy ones. I might do oatmeal or eggs, if anything. I love the idea of something easy to grab for mornings I wake up late or need to head out quick to a play date.

3 Reasons Why Breakfast Is So Important for Me! 

It keeps me in a good mood
It keeps me from eating more later on
It gives my metabolism a boost

I am happy I tried Quaker Wholesome Goodness To Go Breakfast Shakes. My family is a big fan of Quaker Oatmeal, so trying a new product by Quaker was pretty fun. These shakes are yummy and help to ensure I get some vitamins, minerals, and calories in my system right when I wake up. I love having these before my morning boot camp twice a week. I really like them because I run several times a week and I cannot eat a huge breakfast. These are great for days I run because they help me to get good energy before my run without feeling really full or tired.

This is my new favorite post-workout drink as well. The chocolate shake was my favorite. It tastes SO GOOD. I am not just saying that. Plus it has 10g protein and 6g of fiber, and is relatively low in sugar. Perfect for after a nice, long run. I love these shakes to keep in my fridge after a difficult work out if I don’t have time to make a meal or am busy. I will definitely keep a couple around in the future! 

If you want to try these here is a $2.00 coupon for you! 
Do you ever have a hard time getting in breakfast?
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