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Turning a New Leaf

I often find myself correcting bad habits I have fallen into. This month has been a giant clean up of my life. I am really bad at a lot of things. I have a weak constitution for sugar and caffeine. I give in way too much to my daughter, and have a tough time being consistent. I say “yes” to too many things- in my work life, blog life, and personal life. And I really suck at keeping my life organized.

So I’ve been a real b#&*@ this past month. After a night of feeling totally out of control, my sweet husband came home with a pregnancy test and a carton of ice cream. Point made. Genius. It actually made me laugh harder than I had in a long time.

I tell you what- a teething toddler with new found defiance can take it out of me. Between all the chaos, thrown food, and timeouts I struggle to keep it together. I traded sitting at a desk and drinking coffee and looking at spreadsheets in peace for yogurt in my hair and toddler tantrums? Am I crazy? Sometimes I think so! Well, I have allowed my child to treat me like a doormat. The past two weeks have felt like toddler boot camp. We have really cracked down on our little diva, and I have been working my tired but off to make sure I am more consistent with her. I have explained myself more times than I have in my life. It hasn’t been easy. Yet I see improvement! Yes! It is amazing how boundaries and discipline have improved my little girl’s life. The amazing part is I actually feel we have bonded more than ever. While we have our stand-offs, we also have lots of cuddle time. And I am joking about having a kid. It is awesome. I love how she keeps me on my toes, filled with every emotion a human could experience, and OUT of work clothes. I really do love being a mommy, but I just never knew how hard it would be. So I have always depended on sugar and coffee to keep me going…

Then I also started a cleanse. No sugar, bread, dairy or alcohol. Life looked bland for a few weeks. I was real sad. I love sugar. I love my disgusting, fake, Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer in the mornings to the point where my coffee is no longer black but creamy-light brown. I love my occasional beer or margarita, oh- and wine! And above all, I love my bread. Instead I have been doing almond milk and agave in my coffee. It is getting better with time. I finally broke myself of flour and sugar after a week. After several headaches and mood swings I think I am finally in a better place.

On to blogging. I have had a list pile up of reviews, giveaways, and a couple sponsored posts. Can I give everyone advice? Don’t say yes to everything! I think I can do it all, and then I become the most stressed out person ever. I am grateful for these opportunities, but whoa, writing is supposed to be fun. Maybe part of the problem is my computer has been on the fritz for a month and finally died. Bye-bye old trusty computer. I felt naked. We are back up and running now though, which feels great. On to tackle those reviews! And write some fun posts, too.

With all the madness going around I have actually done some wild things today:

I got rid of half of the clothes in my closet.

I deleted every text message and voice mail from my phone over the past year and over 3000 emails from  my inbox.

Oh and I decided to get a new design for my blog. Coming soon. 🙂

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